A journalism program located in the publishing capital of the world should be more than a teaching institute. It should be a publisher. Welcome to the Institute's publishing platform. Here the Institute acts as both public-interest publisher and presenter of work in different media by our students, faculty and alumni. In part, it is our laboratory, the place where we teach journalism by doing journalism and offer it to readers, listeners, viewers, and interactive users. Teaching requires one kind of audience, publishing quite another. This is where the two meet. The emphasis is on quality -- work that is accurate and compelling, innovative and classic. We hope you enjoy it.

Current Publications

Shoe Leather: Reported Stories

This is the work of the undergraduate honors students on long-form narrative reporting, advised and edited by Brooke Kroeger.

NYC Pavement Pieces: Stories from the Streets of NYC

This nation is a maze of cities, neighborhoods and communities rich with stories. Overseen by Professor Yvonne Latty, NYU Journalism's grad students mine the streets and dirt roads in a journalistic exploration of dynamic issues, events, and people.

Scienceline: The Shortest Distance Between You and Science

Written and produced by grad students in the department's Science, Health and Environmental Reporting Program, Scienceline covers everything science: breaking news and in-depth features about everything from local New York phenomena to worldwide issues, profiles of scientists, environmental investigations, and even movie reviews. With more to come!

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Reading between the lines and unspinning the spin, Professor Adam L. Penenberg's Press Ethics class blogs on the hottest media topics of the day -- from exploring ethical gray zones to corporate ownership of media to the future of citizen journalism. PressEthic weaves media criticism with the new wave of self-publishing to bring you fresh, original and sometimes controversial viewpoints from the new wave of journalism education.

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The Recovery Times

The Recovery Times is a student-led site covering how businesses and consumers are trying to rebuild from the toughest economic downtown since the Great Depression. All editors and reporters are degree candidates in NYU’s Master of Arts program in Business and Economic Reporting (BER).

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Past Publications

BER Business Times

A bi-weekly Webzine written, edited, and produced by the graduate students in New York University's Business & Economic Reporting Program, BER Business Times serves up news, commentary, and in-depth features on business and personal finance. The scope of its coverage stretches from NYU's student-run investment club to a vast new oil find in the Gulf of Mexico, from an environmentally innovative approach to timber investments to the pros and cons of pet insurance. And much more.

Street Level

Street Level is a magazine about the many places and people that make up New York City and its environs. The stories are reported and written by undergraduate students from the Institute, and edited by professors Pete Hamill and Alyssa Katz. Check out the Fall 2008 issue.

NYU Livewire

Looking for a first job in recessionary times is a fair definition of misery. But it gets worse: the effects could last a lifetime. Read the story at NYU Livewire, the journalism department's biweekly feature syndicate.

NYU Tonight

Watch NYU Tonight--written, produced and broadcast by students of the Journalism Department. News from Washington Square to Washington D.C., Jerusalem, Baghdad, Kabul... wherever it's happening. Plus Sports, Arts and Entertainment, and commentary.


Blue Plate Special

A PressThink spin-off, produced by NYU Journalism students and Prof. Jay Rosen (joined by a few special guests, pros and amateurs), Blue Plate Special offers fresh intelligence about the fast-moving developments in the Net-meets-journalism world. Good information and multiple perspectives on a single theme—for now, that is the formula for a Blue Plate Special.


We Want Media

They say that they're still fans of television news, print magazines and other "old" media. But the blog is the topic du jour and an obvious platform in which to analyze all types of media in this age of ever-expanding communications. What do we like -- and not like -- in print, online and on the air? We aim to explore our dynamic media world via We Want Media.


Professor Adam L. Penenberg's WRR2 class blogs on various topics—both in the spotlight and out—digging and following up on what they find.

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Best of Portfolio

The graduate-level Portfolio program brings young journalists together to harness their passions and ideas and develop a cohesive, thematically related body of work. Each year a selection of some of the best published work by students in the program is featured in Best of Portfolio.

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Working writers swapping hard-won wisdom about the art and craft of journalism: That's what Bullpen is all about. At NYU, some of journalism's most important names drop by to discuss their work and debate the media issues of the day. To document their appearances, Professor Mark Dery and a staff of student writers launched Bullpen in fall 2004, as a resource for NYU students, Department faculty, and anyone interested in journalism and the newsmedia. Read more...

Theory B

Alternative energy and personal finance. Entrepreneurship and small business. Labor pains and intellectual property. Customer service, the airline industry, and marketing gastronomy.

Produced by Professor Adam Penenberg's Business & Economic Reporting graduate students, Theory B is not only a class blog that combines rigorous reporting with a deft writerly touch, it is part of the new wave in journalism education — combining self-publishing with the art of covering a beat.

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Not a Blog

Students in the Spring 2005 digital journalism class of Patrick Phillips, editor & founder of I Want Media, explore online journalism and even blogging in This Is Not a Blog.

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Washington Square Review

In January a murder on a Lower East Side street garned national headlines. The Spring 2005 Advanced Honors Reporting Class went beyond the headlines to examine the underlying factors that contributed to the fatal encounter.

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Recount: A Magazine of Contemporary Politics is a weekly online magazine produced by the NYU graduate journalism program. Writers will ground timely political issues in feature stories and news analyses written from both local and national perspectives. The magazine will initially focus on the 2004 presidential campaign; but as the political landscape changes, the magazine will reorient its content accordingly. Read more...

New Yorkers Who Run Things

James Traub, contributing writer to The New York Times Magazine, challenged the Spring 2004 Porfolio students to profile New Yorkers "who run things" and then critiqued the stories they produced. Read the work in VIP.

Blowing Smoke

Launched on December 11, 2002, the day that New York city officials agreed on the terms of an agreement that would ban smoking in nearly every bar, club and restaurant in Manhattan, Smoke Ring is a student webzine, produced entirely by Professor Jessica O'Brien's digital journalism class. The site offers an in-depth look at the culture war swirling around smoking, with articles on the legality of buying tax-free cigarettes online, the most effective methods of quitting, and the constitutionality of NYC-style bans.


On September 11th, the students in Professor Jessica O'Brien's "Online Reporting" class were starting their first session when word of the attack on the World Trade Center hit. In Ripples, their in-class webzine, Professor O'Brien's class explores the attack's impact on the NYU community, New York City and beyond. Read more...

She Got Game

In Spring 2001, Professor Brooke Kroeger's undergraduate "Advanced Reporting" and Professor Jonathan Lackman's graduate "Online Magazine Workshop" classes took a look at the world of today's female athletes. Women in Sports: Thirty years after Title IX examines the far-from-level playing field still faced by female athletes, despite the ground they've gained since 1972, when the trailblazing amendment became law. Read more...

Diversity or Division?

In Spring 2000, undergraduate and graduate students from seven classes tackled the topics of race and class in America, at the turn of the millennium. The result: a provocative online magazine packed with features, photos and links to online resources. Check out more than 30 articles on hot-button issues, including education, crime, poverty and violence. Read more...

Dark Passage

In 1999, NYU hosted a conference devoted to the past, present and—disturbingly—future of slavery. This spring 1999 online magazine, a companion to the conference, takes a sobering look at the history and horror of three-and-a-half centuries of African bondage in the Western Hemisphere. Read more...