Intern Record Sheet

After you have set up your credit internship, you must gain our approval and send us your INTERN RECORD SHEET (IRS).


Follow these steps:

1) Copy the form below, PASTE it into the body of an EMAIL with your answers. 


2) Address your email to, and


3) Use the subject line "INTERN RECORD SHEET" and YOUR LAST NAME. 


4) Include a paragraph at the top of the email explaining your duties at the internship and how it fits into your career goals.


5) Download the Learning Objectives form, fill out the student section and send the form to your supervisor, who will complete his/her section. (Save the Learning Objectives form as LastNameLOF.doc.) When the Learning Objectives form is returned to you, attach it to the email with your IRS. (Electronic signatures are accepted, so you can keep the form as a Word document and simply type your name and have your supervisor type his or her name into the signature box.) 


Once we receive your Intern Record Sheet and Learning Objectives Formwe will evaluate your internship for approval. If approved, we will email you an access code to register for the credit internship course. We will also send your employer a credit letter

If at all possible, you should send this before Albert registration closes for the semester. After that date you will have to register by hand (you must see Sylvan for a form and signature).

Make sure you read through the course syllabus. 

"IRS" FORM - Copy and paste these questions into your email:

Click here to download the LEARNING OBJECTIVES FORM.