Requirements & Procedures

First, the Facts

To qualify for the Credit Internship Course, you must be a declared journalism major. You should have first completed the prerequisite coursework of Investigating Journalism and Journalistic Inquiry. Typically this means you'll be a second-semester sophomore, junior, senior, or a graduate student in your SECOND semester. (What is called "Internship" for undergrads is called "Fieldwork in Journalism" for graduate students). LSP students must wait until the summer that they have become a declared major (usually after the spring semester of their sophomore year) to take an internship for credit.

CREDIT: The Journalism Institute does not grant credit for public relations, communications, marketing, promotional or advertising internships, or for internships with a pure entertainment focus (talk shows, comedy shows, etc.). Internships that only involve working in the fashion or beauty closet of a magazine are also not approved for credit. You MUST get permission from the Career Services director BEFORE you accept an internship for credit. In general, the internship must involve training in newsgathering and/or news production at a news organization. Because of federal guidelines, for unpaid internships you must work within the company's facilities and have proper supervision.

PAYMENT: Undergraduate and graduate students can receive credit for paid internships. You also may discuss your situation with the Career Services director to determine what constitutes "paid" versus a "stipend." (International students must get CPT approval before starting at a paid internship, including stipends. You can download the CPT request form here. Please schedule an appointment with Sylvan Solloway to sign the form as soon as you have registered for the course. OGS requires 10 days to process CPT requests.)

Enrolling in the Credit Internship Class

How the Credit Internship Class Is Run

The Internship Hunt

These resources are available to help you in your internship search:

You should also feel free to approach any news organization that interests you, even if they don't officially list an internship. Often you will find their internship postings through their "about" page.

To apply to an employer:

Contact Info

Sylvan Solloway

Director of Career Services
Room 656
Phone: 212-992-7995

Craigh Barboza
Career Services Specialist
Room 647
Phone: 212-998-3837