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    Julie Leupold
    Editor, copyeditor and reporter
    New York City 09.22.010
    Special Project
    Fourth Wave Feminism
    by Julie Leupold
    No one can pinpoint quite when it started. But somewhere before women won the right to vote and after the God created the world, feminism was born. Throughout the evolution of this broad social movement, women haven't always agreed on the principles they were fighting for, with perhaps the exception of one equality of the sexes. By the time the Baby Boomer generation dominated the workforce, women could vote, register for credit cards, join the military, pile up higher education degrees and run multi-million dollar companies. In the most fundamental analysis, parity between the sexes had been achieved. Now comes my generation. Many women today aren't satisfied with being equal to men they want to be men. From casual sex to cutthroat boardroom deals, the little girls who were "sugar and spice and everything nice," grew up to be anything but. Below you will find a serious of articles tracing women in all stages of the feminist movement, culminating in an examination of my "sex in the city" generation in an attempt to define fourth wave feminism.

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