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Welcome to my NYU blog!

I’ve been at NYU for 1.5 years, and it just hit me — I don’t have a blog here.

So I got with Tim Libert, our friendly J-school web developer, and asked him to set me up with one. He very kindly did so, and now you’re reading it.


A picture named shirt.gifEarlier this year I wrote a piece on Scripting News called Educating the Journo-Programmer.

Of course they should be blogging and have Twitter and Facebook accounts. They should use Skype and be able to edit a video and do a podcast.

But there’s more. At least some should be comfortable with the infrastructure of web publishing. We’ve been blogging for well over a decade. It’s true that we need programmers today to keep our blogging servers running, but that won’t always be true.

And if a journalist knows how the server software works, he or she is going to get ideas that programmer don’t. It’s the combination of perspectives that has so much power.

That’s why even thinking about the “journo-programmer” is so potent.

I have an idea what they could do, and I want to see if it’s right.


  1. [...] been at NYU for 1.5 years, and it just hit me — I don’t have a blog here. Now I [...]

  2. HiMY SYeD says:


    It’s odd to be reading a blog by you without paragraph-level permalinks.

    Someone however anticipated this, and has created a wordpress plug-in dubbed ‘WinerLinks’ to do just that:



    • davewiner says:

      Hah! That’s a great idea. But I’m going to wait to ask for it. Don’t want to make work for people yet. First I have to do something meaningful here.

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