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WHO: College students with or without schooling or experience in journalism skills against a backdrop of New York City's East Village and the professional newsroom atmosphere created by The New York Times-NYU Journalism hyperlocal community news site, The Local East Village.

WHAT: This college-credit program offers two summer sessions of six weeks each. Students who elect Hyperlocal Newsroom will be grouped by level once you arrive, with special grouping arrangements for those with no prior journalism experience or training as well as for the most advanced. Multimedia skills training is incorporated into the course, which meets two days a week. For NYU Journalism students, the course can be taken either for one or both summer sessions and can fulfill one or two (depending on if you take four or eight credits), of these three elective rubrics: Elective Reporting Topics, Methods and Practice, or Production and Publication.

WHERE: The NYU Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, 20 Cooper Square, East Village, New York City

WHY: Find out if journalism is your thing in a real-world environment or hone your skills if you already know it's your passion.

WHEN: Summer Session I (May 21-June 29, 2012) and Summer Session II (July 2-August 10, 2012). Some courses are offered both sessions, some only in one session or the other, so please double check the information below.

HOW: Information and the application for 2012 can be found here. Please note that there is a separate application for 2012 housing, instructions can be found here.

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Please note: Use of the Institute's multimedia equipment will require a deposit. There is a $175 program activities fee for the Hyperlocal Newsroom Summer Academy.

2012 Course Offerings


Tuesday, Thursday | 2PM - 5PM

Four college credits per session. For NYU and non-NYU students, journalism majors and non-journalism majors.

(NYU Journalism students: This course will fulfill the Elective Reporting Topics, Methods and Practice and/or Production and Publication rubrics. For any needed special consideration, please contact the undergraduate administrative assistant.)

For the first or second or both summer terms, this course is offered for four or eight college credits, depending on the length of stay. Students meet twice a week with one session devoted to multimedia training. This is your chance for an intensive, exciting journalism experience with the opportunity to have your best work published -- at the discretion of the editor and under the guidance of NYU journalism faculty. The class runs like a newsroom with one goal: to pump out written stories, videos, audio slideshows, podcasts covering the East Village in all its dimensions -- from breaking news to profiles to pressing social issues to entertainment reviews. It's an immersion experience in sharpening the skills every journalist needs to work in today's world. Your assignment throughout the course will be to write, report, shoot, edit, and produce at increasingly higher levels.


JOUR-UA 504 Journalism as Literature: Dateline NYC. Summer Session II only.

Monday, Wednesday | 10AM - 1PM

Four college credits (fulfills the Journalism as Literature elective rubric for NYU Journalism students.) For journalism and non-journalism students. 

This seminar introduces students to some of the best reportage and nonfiction literature of the last two centuries, with a particular focus on work produced in and about New York City. We analyze the reporting, sources, background, structure, and language in a wide range of genres, including social/cultural criticism, travel writing, profiles, essays, and autobiography. We look for Downtown New York City in these works as a place, a character, an idea. Good writing deserves good readers; good reading, one of life's enduring pleasures, is the purpose and promise of this course.

JOUR-UA 202 Methods and Practice: The Personal Essay. Summer Session II only.

Monday, Wednesday | 2PM - 5PM

Four college credits. (fulfills the Methods and Practice elective for NYU Journalism students.) For journalism and non-journalism students. 

Do you have something to say? A story to tell? An original voice? This course will nurture that voice, help shape the stories, sharpen your skills. The personal essay is a popular form of nonfiction writing, cherished by both writers and readers, but crafting a successful essay is a difficult skill. How can we be self-revealing without being self-indulgent? How can we make our own experiences powerful for others? In this course students will read some of the best essays around, from Langston Hughes to Joan Didion to Oliver Sacks to Marjorie Williams, and write their own, taking each one through several drafts. The heart of the course will be close reading and editing of students' work.