NYU Arts & Science


2018 - Spring: The Beat: Animals of New York (print track)

Day & Time: Wed 2:00pm-5:40pm
Location: 20 Cooper Square, room 655
Course ID: JOUR-UA 201.003
Instructor: Betty Ming Liu

The Beat: Animals of New York

The humans of New York live in a habitat filled with animals. Falcons nest on bridges. Coyotes and raccoons roam the parks. Just like people, city dogs and cats include both the pampered elite, and the homeless huddled in shelters. Every once in a while, a cow or goat destined for the slaughterhouse makes a jailbreak. When it comes to the farm, we have chickens and bees, too. Meanwhile, the endangered sturgeon still swims deep in the Hudson River, which has been its home since prehistoric times. And of course, everywhere we go, we find rats and pigeons, otherwise known as rats with wings. These are just some of the highly-intelligent creatures who call our city home. In this class, we explore the endless ways to report and write about the animals of New York.