2019 – Summer: Coding for Journalists (Session 1)

Day & Time: TR 9:00 am - 12:00 noon
Location: 20 Cooper Square
Course ID: SS1: JOUR-UA 204.001
Instructor: Paul Johnson
Syllabus: Download

Albert Class Number: 4656

You can do it. As an investigative tool or essential skill, important stories often rely on some understanding of programming. Do social networks really delete old data? Is it possible to recover a politician’s “lost” phone messages? Hack the New York Times? Track a disappeared jet? You can create your own tools, investigate in new ways, build powerful interactive experiences, or simply know the right questions to ask… with a little programming background.

This class covers the fundamentals of Javascript as an introduction to programming with the needs of journalists in mind. Javascript is one of the most versatile and popular languages with applications spanning from the web, mobile, and even game development. Although we will learn the technical fundamentals of programming, the class is organized around four creative projects. The objective of the syllabus is to provide the student with a solid technical foundation while emphasizing creative thinking and observation skills. In creating computer applications we are making judgements, searching, composing, capturing, and exploring for ourselves and the world.