Event Details

Lawrence Weschler presents “Form and Freedom in Narrative Nonfiction”

October 1st, 2009

6:30 - 8:30 PM

20 Cooper Square, below Astor Place, 7th Floor Commons

Lawrence Weschler

Four Monday Evenings in October (2009)
Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at NYU
20 Cooper Square, below Astor Place, 7th Floor Commons
6:30 – 8:30 PM

Paradoxes of Form & Freedom in Narrative Nonfiction

Schedule and Readings


Download Readings here (16MB pdf).

October 5 (Form)
Dave Eggers, “Impressions” from McSweeney’s (first issue)
John McPhee, “Los Angeles Against the Mountains” (Part I)
Ian Frazier, “Canal Street”
Supplemental Readings for 10/5/2009

October 12 (Form)
Susan Sheehan, A Missing Plane (Part II)
Lawrence Weschler, “My Grandfather’s Last Tale”
Ernst Toch, Letter to a would-be composer
Supplemental Readings for 10/12/2009

October 19 (Freedom)
Grace Paley, “A Conversation with My Father”
Wyslawa Szymborska, “Could Have”
Stanislaw Lem, “Impossibilitate Vitae” from A Perfect Vacuum
Ellen Pall, “Painting Life into Sammy”
Ian Frazier, “Nobody better, Better than Nobody” (Heloise)
Passage from Chapter 10 of Family
*Lawrence Weschler, Breytenbach profile from Calamities of Exile
Supplemental Readings for 10/19/2009

October 26 (Bringing it all together)
*Joseph Mitchell, “Joe Gould’s Secret” from Up in the Old Hotel
Supplemental Readings for 10/26/2009

*all texts in the readings packet except
Weschler, Calamities of Exile and
Mitchell, Up in the Old Hotel
(books to be procured separately)