Resource Links

Basic Research
Search Engines
Metacrawler — quickly searches eight to ten of the big search engines like Yahoo! and Lycos.
Company Site Locator — finds companies’ websites when you don’t know the exact URL address.

Encyclopedias and References
Britannica Online — the online version of one of the foremost encyclopedias in the world. Now requires a subscription.
Encarta Online — Microsoft’s abridged dictionary.
New York Public Library – Science, Industry and Business Library

Foreign Exchange Calculators
Exchange Rates — gives rates and graphs for foreign exchange rates for currencies from the Thai Baht to the Finnish Marka, or even the South African Rand, along with the usual marks, francs, dollars and pounds.
Currency Conversion Calculator — makes exchange rate calculations for up to four currencies at a time.

White and Yellow Pages
International White and Yellow Pages — narrows search first by continent, then country, then offers choices for phone number lookup service. Includes reverse lookup with 10-digit phone numbers.
International Telephone Directories — select country, then the service offers everything from business to government to celebrity listings.

US Census Datamaps — offers state and county demographic and economic profiles.
Yahoo Maps — can find and zoom in and out on nearly any address and give driving directions from location to location.

U.S. Financial Markets
American Stock Exchange
Chicago Board of Trade
Chicago Mercantile Exchange
New York Mercantile Exchange
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
Philadelphia Stock Exchange
University of Wisconsin Listing of Stock Exchange Home Pages
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Foreign Financial Markets
Amsterdam Exchanges
Foreign Stock and Commodity Exchanges, Global Financial Sites – Links to global, foreign financial sites.
Global Stock & Commodity Exchanges – listing of global stock exchanges, global commodities exchanges, global foreign exchanges.
The Handbook of World Stock, Derivative and Commodity Exchanges: Home — a guide to worldwide trading, settlement and contract information.
Italian Stock Exchange
London Stock Exchange
Madrid Bolsa
Montreal Exchange
Paris Bourse
Singapore Stock Exchange
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM)
Tokyo Stock Exchange
World Stock and Commodity Exchanges– list of stock and commodities exchanges websites around the world.

Market Quotations
Stockmaster — offers stock quotes, price graphs, and market information.
BigCharts — has current market information, charts and historical quotes.
DBC Online — offers quotes and market indexes from Data Broadcasting Corporation

Investment Information
American Association of Individual Investors
EDGAR DatabaseElectronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval from the Securities and Exchange Commission.
InvestorGuide — has an array of investing news, statistics and resources.
Investor Protection Trust — gives basic information about investments and investment professionals.
IPO Express — tracks initial public offerings from Hoover’s and Edgar Online.
Motley Fool – financial forum for the individual investor with discussion boards, personal finance pages, and stock strategies.
Morningstar – provides mutual fund news and analysis, guides to fund families, stock quotes, and general market news.  Tools include a portfolio manager, fund selector, fund quick-rank, a stock selector, a stock quick-rank, and an IRA calculator.
Silicon Investor — has information and comment on tech stocks.
StockScreener — offers a stock search based on performance criteria.
The — investment information and commentary.

United States Government
Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) — offers data, a look at the economy at a glance, a keyword search of BLS webpages, publications, newsreleases, and regional information.
EDGAR DatabaseElectronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval from the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Federal Reserve Board — homepage includes press releases, testimony, and speeches.
Federal Trade Commission (FTC) — includes a directory of regional offices of the commission seeking to ensure that the nation’s markets function competitively, free of undue restrictions.
Government Printing Office — contains information about ordering GPO publications, many of them free, and links to on-line versions of some documents.
Library of Congress Business Reference Services – research in the subject areas of business and economics.
National Archives and Records Administration
U.S. Department of Commerce
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

American Bar Association: Section of Business Law – includes regularly updated topical news and features.
The Business Law Site – provides access to federal and state statutes, regulations, cases and agencies; legal research sites; tax forms; and articles on business and high-tech law. — a Yahoo!-like search engine and directory site that can point you to just about anything having to do with the law. – offers global legal news by jurisdiction and practice area including tax, intellectual property and commercial law.

Business Publications Business
Advertising Age
American Banker — a trade publication on banking and financial services information.
American City Business Journals — has local business news from 28 cities.
BBC World Service: Business
Black Enterprise Magazine — a publication for African-American entrepreneurs, corporate executives, professionals and decision makers.  Includes business and financial news, as well as community forums.
Bloomberg — provides financial news, information, quotes, charts, economic analysis and more.
Business Week — the complete, online complete contents of the current issues of the domestic and international editions.  Paid subscription required for full access, however.
CBS Marketwatch
Chicago Tribune: Business
Detroit Free Press: Business — has has search and personalization features, industry news and information.
The Economist — offers some articles from the print publication.
Financial Times
Fortune Magazine
FOX Market Wire— content from Red Herring magazine.
Hispanic Business
Houston Chronicle: Business — the source for small business planning and advice, including business on the internet and small business news
Journal of Finance
Los Angeles Times: Business and Technology
Miami Herald: Business
MSNBC: Commerce
New York Times: Business — onetime registration required.
Nihon Keizai Shimbun – Nikkei Net Interactive – Japan’s leading business and financial newspaper.
Philadelphia Inquirer: Business
Reuters Money Network – complete array of financial information, news and data.
San Francisco Chronicle
San Jose Mercury News: Business and Finance
Seattle Times: Business
SF Gate: Business and Finance
The Wall Street Journal – must be a subscriber to the print publication to be able to access this site.
Wall Street Journal Highlights via MSNBC – a small selection of current Wall Street Journal articles available without a subscription. Business

Company Information
Annual Reports Library
Business Wire
Canadian Corporate News
Dun & Bradstreet — the homepage includes Dun & Bradstreet operating company and Moody’s Investors Service.
Hoover’s Online — offers information on nearly 10,000 companies.
Market Guide —company information, news and quotes.
PR Newswire — the latest news from thousands of companies.
Public Register’s Annual Report Service — annual reports.
Standard & Poor’s

History of Business
Business History
Business History Pages at Ohio State
Business History Review — original research in business history, including economic, social and cultural analyses of business, as well as studies of individual companies.
Economic History Services – directory of economic history sites.
Financial History Review
Henry Ford Museum Online
History of the Oil Industry, and Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Trust
Museum of American Financial History — offers online exhibits celebrating entrepreneurship, investment banking and the capital markets.
New York Stock Exchange – History
Roy Davies’ “History of Money” Page
Web Directory: WWW Virtual Library – Labor and Business History — annotated links to archives, libraries, museums, organizations, resources, conferences etc worldwide.

Ethics/Business Practices
Better Business Bureau – provides information on businesses and charities to resolve complaints and promote ethics in business.  Offers a link to find your local BBB.
Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) – helps member companies achieve long-term commercial success by implementing policies that honor high ethical standards and meet their responsibilities.
Council for Ethics in Economics – works to strengthen business ethics by encouraging dialogue between leaders in business and higher education, clergy and lay people, as well as students and professionals.
Baobab’s Corporate Power Information Center – devoted to exploring and critiquing business ethics, corporate welfare, the global economy, and the domination of politics and culture by corporations.
Center for Ethics and Business at Loyola Marymount University – aims to provide an environment for discussing issues related to the necessity, difficulty, costs and rewards of conducting business ethically.
Corporate Conduct Quarterly – practical guide for corporate ethics and compliance.
Corporate Social Responsibility – a platform to exchange information about CSR.
Defense Industry Initiative on Business Ethics and Conduct – a consortium of U.S. defense industry contractors which subscribes to a set of principles for achieving high standards of business ethics and conduct.
Focus on the Corporation – weekly column by Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman that critically examines the corporate world.
International Business Ethics Institute – promotes ethical business practices through public education activities and through assisting corporations in implementing worldwide standards of business conduct.
Murray G. Bacon Center for Ethics in Business
San Jose State University, CA – Institute for Social Responsibility – information and training on issues of business ethics and social responsibility within the academic, business, and civic communities of Northern California.
United States Chamber of Commerce – federation of businesses, chambers of commerce, American chambers overseas, and trade and professional associations.

Professional Associations for Business Journalists
Society of American Business Editors and Writers
New York Financial Writers Association
The Journal of Financial Reporting