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Arts & Entertainment

The Mermaid War

How a proposed trip to China for Denmark’s chief cultural icon divided a nation

Eco Movie, Take 1

A filmmaker struggles to go green

Top Kids' Show "iCarly" is All About Tech

Lacing a show with blogs, text messaging, or any kind of new technology is the current formula for getting tweens and teens to tune in.

A Passion for Glass

Even as the craft of glassblowing declines, an intern prepares to enter a venerated field

Museum in a House Showcases Italian-American Culture

Artists, speakers and exhibits on offer in Staten Island

The Real Harem Girls of Brunei

New book dishes on a suburban girl’s journey into a prince’s palace of pleasure

Fan Demand

Bring back the real Gossip Girl

Cuban Musicians Resuming U.S. Performances

The Obama administration appears to be quietly relaxing a five-year Bush-era ban on Cuban cultural exchanges

Documenting Disability

A successful young filmmaker explores his worsening multiple sclerosis

Ghana Boosts Dressmaking to Create Jobs

The government hopes that teaching more than 600,000 young people to tailor and sew will dent the 25 percent unemployment rate

Two Part Harmony

Hindu Indians who donít eat beef and Muslim Pakistanis who donít drink wine gather for congenial evenings of song, serving one another wine and beef to signal mutual respect

The Joy Economy

How do those tiny basement comedy clubs stay afloat, when even the ten-dollar DVD meccas are closing?

Gen Y Reads -- But Only for Nine Minutes A Day

Are twentysomethings changing the culture of literature?

ďLive, From New York, It's... Louis Klein!Ē

Diehard Saturday Night Live fan finds a life, of sorts, on line

Newspapers No More

For colleges, itís all the news thatís fit to print—online

Life Imitating Art

Self-absorbed fans enacted the rap star’s lyrics—and we had a front-row view