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Ghana Boosts Dressmaking to Create Jobs

The government hopes that teaching more than 600,000 young people to tailor and sew will dent the 25 percent unemployment rate


InterPress Nov. 5, 2009

A Second Life for Food

Restaurateurs share their secrets for economizing during lean times


Wave Journey January 2009

Gen Y Reads -- But Only for Nine Minutes A Day

Are twentysomethings changing the culture of literature?


USA Today Feb. 25, 2009


Cold War era-uranium mining leaves a poisoned legacy for the Navajo

Foreclosing on God

Some churches that grew aggressively are losing their buildings, and are forced to double up


InterPress April 14, 2009

Disabled Iraq War Vet Claims he was Beaten by McDonald's Workers (with video)

New Yorker said workers violated the law by refusing to serve him because he was accompanied by his service dog.


Gothamist Nov. 21, 2009

Scion of Disgraced Televangelists Preaching in Hipster Bars

Wearing a cross, star of David and Islamic crescent moon, Jay Bakker speaks of “inclusion.”

The Gift Giving Retailers Less

As consumers get wise and states crack down, stores are enjoying fewer windfall profits from unused gift cards.


The Epoch Times, Jan. 1, 2009

U.S. Muslim Women Fight for Power

Young, educated women are demanding more authority at the mosque


InterPress March 11, 2009

The 23-Year-Old Intern

Did I just graduate, or am I imagining it? Journalism alumni keep right on interning at big publications, leaning on retail jobs and parents to pay the bills


Poynter/Romenesko Dec. 16, 2009

Documenting an Uprising, a Photographer is Charged with a Murder Coverup


Worldpress April 23, 2009

Of Hope and Hokey Pokey

(Or, what they were doing while you were home watching it on TV)


The Arizona Reporter Jan. 20, 2009

Second Thoughts

Costs and crowds weaken inauguration turnout expectations

Barred from Proselytizing in China, Mormons Try a Chinatown

One of many sects aiming to convert new immigrants

As the Krona Crumbles, Icelanders Turn to Crafts

Could creativity be a way out of crisis?

U.S. Latins Celebrate Long-Hidden Jewish Roots

Geraldo Rivera, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Brett Rattner are among them

Struggles of a Warrior Nation (slideshow)

Native American veterans’ forgotten battle with post traumatic stress

A Mosque that Can't Borrow Faces the Loss of its Home (video)

Members hope Islamic financing practices arrive in time to save it


AOL VIdeo Dec. 21, 2009

A Super Fan Says Goodbye (video)

Most people think the New York Yankees’ new $1.5 billion stadium is pretty great. But at least one fan is struggling with a sense of loss.

An Unrepentant Repo Man

Claims he seized his own mother’s car


The Trenton Times March 30, 2009

In New York's Chinatown, an Inauspicious New Year (video)


AOL News March 9, 2009

An Ad on Every Block?

As you walk down the street — ping — another ad arrives on your phone. But the visionaries promise this won’t drive you mad.


Arab Americans Feel Ignored

Neither presidential campaign seemed eager for their endorsement, community leaders say


InterPress News Service November 3, 2008


Al Jazeera in English October 21, 2008

Riding (Uphill) to Prosperity

Bike tourism has helped lift the old mining town of Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, from its long depression. Too bad not everybody’s happy about that


In The Fray December 1, 2008

How Middle East Funding Brings Conservatism to Ghana

And creates rifts with local Muslims


The New Black Magazine December 3, 2008

In this South Asian Neighborhood, Everyone (Mostly) Gets Along

Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis work to cooperate – despite horrific incidents like Mumbai


USA Today December 31, 2008


Worldpress December 31, 2008

Hello? Hello? Are You in a Good Place to Answer a Few Questions?

Pollsters pushed to call cell phones, to avoid undercounting


Arizone Reporter October, 2008

Warming up to Hot Wax

New York City men dive into the beauty pool


Chicago Tribune.com May 11, 2008

The View from Ebbets Field

Many talk of those who paved the way for Obama

House of Cards

Hit by construction job losses, Latin workers scale back payments to families abroad


Interpress News Service March 5, 2008


Worldpress.org March 12, 2008

Barred from Proselytizing in China, Mormons Try A Chinatown

One of many sects aiming to convert new immigrants

Maybe You'll Never Be an Investment Banker

Bad news and survival strategies for people graduating in tough times


New York Press Summer Guide, 2008


Arizona Reporter

Young Househunters See Opportunity in Crisis

Scouting for bargains—while they last


The Ithaca Journal April 4, 2008

Whose Land is this Land?

Why an oil-rich nation led by a powerful leftist can’t build houses for its poor


The Epoch Times, October 2008

"The Office" Puts Scranton on the Map

Thanks to the TV show, Scranton, Pa., enjoys some new attention.


The Orange County Register January 28, 2008

Activists Rush to Sign Up New Immigrant Voters

Can naturalized citizens tip the balance?


InterPress News Service November 3, 2008

Global Geopolitics Viewpoints November 4, 2008

Immigrants Vow to Fight for Recognition

(Though candidates are keeping their distance)


Ground Report November 1, 2008

Helping Booklovers Unite

People living far from their literary friends now have a way to read, and discuss, books together in real time


The Ithaca Journal April 5, 2008

As Villains or Heroes, Muslims Star in New U.S. Comics

Fights over fundamentalism, and a dearth of role models, are driving forces


Abroad View March 2008


Interpress News Service March 20, 2008

I'm Going As Barack Obama

Can Halloween costume sales predict the winner on November 4?


Culture 11 October 28, 2008


The Daily Beast October 31, 2008

Another Kind of Choir

Happy holidays! (Got a problem with that?)


CNN TV December 25, 2008

Civics and Beer

After a few drinks, politics can get very, very interesting


The Chicago Tribune May 4, 2008


Baltimore Sun May 4, 2008

Bittersweet Victory

After a nine-year wait, Kosovo’s independence brings some Albanian-American fighters a sense of closure


Mr. Beller's Neighborhood August 19, 2008

On the Trail of Nopales and Nachos


Go World Travel September, 2008

Skateboarding at the Stalin

Half a century later, Prague teens find a better use for a city park


Wooing the Elusive Reader

Newspapers have a tailor-made tool within reach – if only they’d make an intellectual shift


In The Fray December 2, 2007

New Black

The New Black Magazine November 22, 2007

Gay Asylum Petitions Grow

Many flee harassment at home for more accepting communities in the United States


Chelsea Now April 6-12, 2007

Unspeakable Eats

Meet the people who dine on live octopus, snake’s blood and miso-marinated bull’s penis


Live Science October 29, 2007

New Black

The New Black Magazine November 1, 2007

I Luv U

And other things you should never send in a text message

AZ Reporter

The Arizona Reporter November 3, 2007

New Black

The New Black Magazine November 4, 2007

The Villager

The Villager November 14-20, 2007


The Epoch Times November 11, 2007

Anything to Score

Ghanaians were ecstatic when their soccer team nearly made the World Cup quarterfinals last year. The downside: thousands of teens fantasizing about sports careers have been spirited away to Europe, and often abandoned there.

New Black

The New Black Magazine March 14, 2007


Worldpress.org March 7, 2007


The Athens News, Greece April 6, 2007

Dance Floor Deals

On an illicit trip to Cuba, a young American loses his innocence.

Swatting Flies and Saving the World

Students branch out to Niger, Kazakhstan or China, taking a bite out of Europe study abroad programs


Worldpress.org April 20, 2007


The Epoch Times April 9 -15, 2007

Does Mother Know Best?

If not, why are Mexican immigrants bearing more healthy babies than the Americanized second generation?


NACLA April 18, 2007

What I Learned in a Ghanaian Shack

I didn’t expect to work while studying abroad. Then the sign in the window drew me in.


Worldpress.org August 10, 2007


Abroad View Magazine September 23, 2007

Obama and Me

I thought I was the one getting fired up — but apparently, the feeling was mutual.


In The Fray December 2, 2007

Racing Without Brakes (or Gears, or Lycra)

The cheapo, pared-down, under-the-radar world of the Alleycat, the international bike messenger races


The Ithaca Journal March 13, 2007

How YouTube Makes – and Breaks – Political Careers

Home video site likely to be a force in 2008

AZ Reporter

The Arizona Reporter February 27, 2007

New Black

The New Black Magazine


The Epoch Times

The Second Burial of John Gotti

The legendary mafia don hasn’t been gone very long — but his old neighborhood is already changing, and forgetting him.


The New York Resident

October 16, 2007

Tourism’s Dark Side

We’re not always looking for fun when we choose vacation spots. The crowds at Ground Zero, Alcatraz, Auschwitz and post-Katrina New Orleans suggest a more disturbing allure.


The Orange Country Register May 24, 2007

Phila Daily News

The Philadelphia Daily News March 14, 2007


GoNomad April 7, 2007

Post Standard

The Syracuse Post Standard Sunday magazine, "Stars" hard copy only


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette April 15, 2007

After 17 Years in Limbo, Liberian Refugees are No Closer to Home

Trapped between fearsome civil war memories and an alien society, they hesitate in a camp in Ghana.


Worldpress.org August 21, 2007


Abroad View September 23, 2007


The New Democrat August 23, 2007

New Black

The New Black Magazine September 10, 2007

Life in Ghana's Buduburam Refugee Camp (slide show)

This is no tent city, but a quasi-permanent settlement, with its own markets, cinemas and Internet cafes — plus rap stars and aspiring artists.

Authors' Bios: Stephanie Dahle, Nick Koenig and Eric Charles Markowitz


Featured in: Abroad View September 23, 2007

Struggling to Adjust, Young Russian Immigrants Turn to Heroin

A problem nobody sees

Photos by: Akemi Hiatt


Worldpress.org December 29, 2007

A Needle through the Neck

Some people think that’s sexy. But often it can all go wrong.


San Francisco Chronicle December 16, 2007

AZ Reporter

The Arizona Reporter December 6, 2007


Culture Craze December 15, 2007

A Bargain in Turkmenistan

The dictator is dead, but you’d never know: his portrait dominates the capital, and people still instinctively whisper when they speak. But one ancient freedom dies hard.


The Turkish Daily News March 26, 2007


Worldpress.org March 30, 2007

On the Trail of Nopales and Nata

One woman’s quest for true Mexican sabor


Worldpress.org August 17, 2007


The Ithaca Journal October 1, 2007


GoNomad October 2007


Abroad View September 23, 2007


Under the Gun

Pakistan’s president explains how his country can be a U.S. ally and a Muslim nuclear power


(lead story)
November 7, 2006

To Be Young, Rich and Wired

A San Antonio student joins the gamers who are going pro


The San Antonio Current
April 12, 2006

Business Student’s e-Business Got Him Busted

As one student learned, university bans on residence hall businesses clash with e-commerce

The Villager

The Villager
Feb. 22-28, 2006

4 Easy Voter Reg, Txt Me

Two digital execs started a text messaging campaign to sign notoriously resistant young people up to vote. Now, will it work?

AZ Reporter

The Arizona Reporter
November 2, 2006

How a Cupcake and “Sex and the City” Remade Bleecker Street

Upscale fashion retailers trail “Sex and the City” to an iconic New York street

The Villager

The Villager
April 5-11, 2006

We Love the ‘90s Nostalgia

College kids already pining for those ‘good old days’

Ithaca Journal

The Ithaca Journal
December 26, 2006

Young Adults Feel Uprooted when Parents Sell Family Home

Hillsboro Star

The Hillsboro (KS) Star
November 8, 2006
(hard copy only)

My 90G College IOU

I was accepted early decision by my first-choice school and couldn’t walk away from the opportunity. Now, I’m stuck with almost $90,000 in debt.

Phila Daily News

The Philadelphia Daily News
December 27, 2006

Over the Edge

Staring down death in the Grand Canyon

Post Standard

The Syracuse Post-Standard
Sunday magazine Stars
December 17, 2006
(hard copy only)

AZ Reporter

The Arizona Reporter
February 27, 2006

Long Island Press

The Long Island Press
March 9, 2006

Publishers Launch Pop-Up Books for Grownups

Sex, Celebs and Elvis – what more could a reader want?

Post Standard

The Syracuse Post-Standard
Sunday magazine Stars
December 3, 2006
(hard copy only)

The Prom without Boys

Muslim teenagers remake an American rite of passage

The (Second) Rise of the Nerd

Girls are again eyeing guys who love Converse sneakers and Japanese comics

Ithaca Journal

The Ithaca Journal
January 2, 2007

Our Changing Identities

On forms asking their racial or ethnic backgrounds, young people of multi-racial origin give different answers at different times.

New Black

The New Black Magazine (London)
Lead Story
October 25, 2006

Daughter Knows Best

After my parents divorced, I was the one giving the dating advice

San Antonio Express-News

The San Antonio Express-News
October 10, 2006
(hard copy only)

We’ll Always Have Soccer

Even as dictators ruled and the economy crumbled, Argentines loved their country through their teams


November 23, 2006

Clubs, Pubs and Study Abroad in Poland

Move over, Prague! This historic Eastern European city is the hot new destination for young travelers from around the globe.

San Antonio Express-News

The San Antonio Express-News
December 9, 2006

As Help Falls Short, a Child is Left to Struggle

A tutor discovers that big dreams aren’t always enough

Boston Globe

The Boston Globe
June 1, 2006