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Going Over to the Dark Side

Teen lit about suicide, anorexia and techno-torture is on the rise

The Real Harem Girls of Brunei

New book dishes on a suburban girl’s journey into a prince’s palace of pleasure

Hunting Happier Stories-in the Teen Section

Today’s mainstream adult fiction revolves around cancer, war, murder and aging parents; at least five recent bestsellers had the word “dead” in the title. Some readers are fleeing back in time.

Teaching South African Girls to Report on the World Cup

New group to train poor teens in video and blogging techniques during the June games

Polish-American Paper Fighting a Different Kind of Battle

Daily founded to champion democracy in Poland during Communist rule struggling to survive, as U.S. economy sours and some emigrants return home

This Guy Will Try Anything

Best-selling author’s whacky lifestyle experiments test the bonds of matrimony – and sanity

Their Life with a Dog

After I left for college, my parents needed a new object of love and attention. So they bought a Scottish terrier.