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Eco Movie, Take 1

A filmmaker struggles to go green

Designer Labels Slum It

Recession and hopes for profit lure high-end labels to malls of the masses

Top Kids' Show "iCarly" is All About Tech

Lacing a show with blogs, text messaging, or any kind of new technology is the current formula for getting tweens and teens to tune in.

From Farm to Shelf, in 36 Hours (video)

Though many conventional dairy farmers are struggling though a dire economy, one has found a way to survive.

A Mosque that Can't Borrow Faces the Loss of its Home (video)

Members hope Islamic financing practices arrive in time to save it

“That’s all I’m looking for, a chance at something better”

An unemployed furniture salesman, at the end of his resources, is forced into a shelter. But a new kind of employment office gives him hope.

The 23-Year-Old Intern

Did I just graduate, or am I imagining it? Journalism alumni keep right on interning at big publications, leaning on retail jobs and parents to pay the bills

The Rise of "Afropolitan" Fashion

Ghanaian designers meld African and cosmopolitan looks to create new styles

Ghana Boosts Dressmaking to Create Jobs

The government hopes that teaching more than 600,000 young people to tailor and sew will dent the 25 percent unemployment rate

How Do You Create Optimism During a Recession? At Gunpoint.

An Ad on Every Block?

As you walk down the street — ping — another ad arrives on your phone. But the visionaries promise this won’t drive you mad.

The Joy Economy

How do those tiny basement comedy clubs stay afloat, when even the ten-dollar DVD meccas are closing?

A Speech Coach to the Stars

Sam Chwat helped Julia Roberts and Robert De Niro. He also neutralizes unfortunate accents.

An Unrepentant Repo Man

Claims he seized his own mother’s car

Riding (Uphill) to Prosperity

Bike tourism has helped lift the old mining town of Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, from its long depression. Too bad not everybody’s happy about that

Newspapers No More

For colleges, it’s all the news that’s fit to print—online

Nobody Dies Here (video)

The story of an idyllic little hospital, where the patients are undemanding and healing is a family affair

Their Boots of Vegan Pleather

Surprise! Grit capital New York is becoming a global mecca for those who eat, and live, animal-free

The Soul of a Grown Machine

Environmentally friendly and fun to ride, bamboo bikes are catching on

Will Exercise Video Games Get Kids Off the Couch?

New Nintendo Wii sports and fitness games fuel a fervid debate

Salam, My Name Is: Not That Hard to Pronounce

Sassy Muslim-themed T-shirts protest, poke fun and show pride

Helping Booklovers Unite

People living far from their literary friends now have a way to read, and discuss, books together in real time

I Luv U

And other things you should never send in a text message