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The Mermaid War

How a proposed trip to China for Denmark’s chief cultural icon divided a nation

Teaching South African Girls to Report on the World Cup

New group to train poor teens in video and blogging techniques during the June games

It Takes a Bike

An ex-Peace Corps volunteer’s bike donation program for developing countries aims to boost local economies

Where Abortion is Illegal, Trying to Ease the Pain

NGOs in Ghana offer birth control help, and sometimes exploit loopholes to help women get abortions

Polish-American Paper Fighting a Different Kind of Battle

Daily founded to champion democracy in Poland during Communist rule struggling to survive, as U.S. economy sours and some emigrants return home

In Ghana, Internet Savvy Intensifies Scams

Analysts shake their heads, but hope more education will prod young people to put tech skills to better use

The Rise of "Afropolitan" Fashion

Ghanaian designers meld African and cosmopolitan looks to create new styles

Ghana Boosts Dressmaking to Create Jobs

The government hopes that teaching more than 600,000 young people to tailor and sew will dent the 25 percent unemployment rate

Two Part Harmony

Hindu Indians who donít eat beef and Muslim Pakistanis who donít drink wine gather for congenial evenings of song, serving one another wine and beef to signal mutual respect

Documenting an Uprising, a Photographer is Charged with a Murder Coverup

U.S. Muslim Women Fight for Power

Young, educated women are demanding more authority at the mosque

In this South Asian Neighborhood, Everyone (Mostly) Gets Along

Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis work to cooperate—despite horrific incidents like Mumbai

Activists Rush to Sign Up New Immigrant Voters

Can naturalized citizens tip the balance?

Who is Ghanaian?

Arguing that it will boost prosperity, immigrant-heavy Ghana pursues a national identity card

Fighting A Curse in Ghana

Before they can treat HIV, health authorities have to figure out who has it

Milan's Aperitivo Hour

Dipping and nibbling, Italian style

Barred from Proselytizing in China, Mormons Try a Chinatown

One of many sects aiming to convert new immigrants

Thirst for Education Overwhelms African Universities

Leaders in Ghana find it hard to say no

Their Own Sankofa

Ghana woos its black diaspora

Life in Ghana's Buduburam Refugee Camp (slide show)

This is no tent city, but a quasi-permanent settlement, with its own markets, cinemas and Internet cafes -- plus rap stars and aspiring artists.

What I Learned in a Ghanaian Shack

I didn’t expect to work while studying abroad. Then the sign in the window drew me in.

Ghana's Few Jews Nurture their Western Ties

Once treated like misfits, these rural villagers are local celebrities now

Painful Parties in Paradise

A college student from Hong Kong imbibes an American spring break

A Bargain in Turkmenistan

The dictator is dead, but youíd never know: his portrait dominates the capital, and people still instinctively whisper when they speak. But one ancient freedom dies hard.

And Did You Visit Any Terrorist Camps?

Virtually all Muslim men from the Middle East now get the third degree when they fly in or out of the United States — as if a “guilty” verdict had been stamped over an entire faith

Clubs, Pubs and Study Abroad Programs Lure Students to Krakow

Move over, Prague! This historic Eastern European city is the hot new destination for young travelers from around the globe.

Dance Floor Deals

On an illicit trip to Cuba, a young American loses his innocence.

Burning in Sichuan

Summer in Chinaís steamy southwest means close quarters, fiery hot pot and general sensory overload.

Beyond Bob Marley and Beach Resorts

The Jamaica beyond your beach chair.

This Smells Delicious!

(And Other Misadventures of a Meat-and-Potatoes Girl in Japan)

Wolf Whistling in Peru

A traveler discovers the meaning of a time-honored Latin American ritual.