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Eco Movie, Take 1

A filmmaker struggles to go green

Citizen Pruners

If you see someone hacking away at that overgrown tree on your block, chances are, she’s doing a good deed

Sweet Spot

Now that beekeeping is legal in New York City, hundreds of prospective beekeepers are setting up hives

Is Recycling Worth It?

An inquiry into the fate of our waste

Suffer - It's Good For You

My day at the Russian banya

Predict the Next War

New software allows practically anybody to try forecasting the future

Where Abortion is Illegal, Trying to Ease the Pain

NGOs in Ghana offer birth control help, and sometimes exploit loopholes to help women get abortions

Coming Out, and into Her Own

A transplanted, transgendered Texan tries to recover from two suicide attempts, and reconcile to life with HIV

Documenting Disability

A successful young filmmaker explores his worsening multiple sclerosis

Bronx Latinas Rethink the Pregnancy Choice

With the pregnancy rate for Latina teens the highest in the nation, and the rate in the Bronx the highest in New York, some Bronx girls are thinking again

FALLOUT: Six children whose dad worked in the mines died before their mid-30s

“There were times I brought home rocks that were uranium, and I would put it on my windowsill for my kids to see the work I was doing. But I was unaware of the risk.ď

Struggles of a Warrior Nation (slideshow)

Native American veterans’ forgotten battle with post traumatic stress

Virtual Adoption

Fearful right-to-lifers try a kinder, gentler tactic on the eve of the pro-choice Obama era

Fighting A Curse in Ghana

Before they can treat HIV, health authorities have to figure out who has it

Struggling to Adjust, Young Russian Immigrants Turn to Heroin

A problem nobody sees

A Needle through the Neck

Some people think thatís sexy. But often it can all go wrong.