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Using Scienceline Articles

The award-winning student web magazine Scienceline, produced by the students of our graduate Science, Health and Environmental Reporting Program, offers the following stories for syndication. (Please note that we offer the stories only, not the art or feedback functions.)

Scienceline stories must carry their authors’ bylines and carry the tag “NYU Scienceline” either at the beginning or end of the story. If the story appears online, “NYU Scienceline” must link to http://scienceline.org

Beyond minor edits and cuts, stories may not be changed.

We think your readers will enjoy, and profit from, these superbly informed, deeply researched pieces.

We Can Stop Global Warming Today
Al Gore’s newest book highlights solutions to the climate crisis

Which Canine Curriculum Should You Choose?
What science has to say about the best way to train your dog

Numbers Don’t Lie: Derek Jeter is a Horrible Shortstop
A New Tool Purports to Deliver the Most Accurate Fielding Statistics Ever

Marathoning: Is it in our DNA? http://www.scienceline.org/2009/10/31/blog-konkel-marathoning-is-it-in-our-dna/
Some scientists believe the modern human body evolved to run.

Read more Scienceline stories at http://scienceline.org/.