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Say No to the Dress

2010 is the year of the bride who fights the hype

Going Over to the Dark Side

Teen lit about suicide, anorexia and techno-torture is on the rise

Sweet Spot

Now that beekeeping is legal in New York City, hundreds of prospective beekeepers are setting up hives

The Real Harem Girls of Brunei

New book dishes on a suburban girl’s journey into a prince’s palace of pleasure

Suffer - It's Good For You

My day at the Russian banya

Curing Your Pet, the Natural Way

Homeopathic treatments rise in popularity

The Big Business in Baby Beauty

How the beauty industry sells to kids

It Takes a Bike

An ex-Peace Corps volunteer’s bike donation program for developing countries aims to boost local economies

The Punk and the Professional

The generational clash over corporate dress

The 23-Year-Old Intern

Did I just graduate, or am I imagining it? Journalism alumni keep right on interning at big publications, leaning on retail jobs and parents to pay the bills

Documenting Disability

A successful young filmmaker explores his worsening multiple sclerosis

Bronx Latinas Rethink the Pregnancy Choice

With the pregnancy rate for Latina teens the highest in the nation, and the rate in the Bronx the highest in New York, some Bronx girls are thinking again

You Have One New Friend Request - From Your Mom

Coping with the Facebook generation gap

U.S. Latins Celebrate Long-Hidden Jewish Roots

Geraldo Rivera, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Brett Rattner are among them

Their Life with a Dog

After I left for college, my parents needed a new object of love and attention. So they bought a Scottish terrier.

My Imperfect First Kiss

Wasnít I supposed to be swept off my feet?

The Delicate Art of Facebook Snooping

Or, how to find out who married your college boyfriend, whether your gorgeous neighbor is available or if bad things befell the mean girls from high school

An Urban Spelunker Pursues His Vision

An underground break-in for the sake of a math assignment led Steve Duncan to the Discovery Channel and a gallery show — and maybe a new career

A Speech Coach to the Stars

Sam Chwat helped Julia Roberts and Robert De Niro. He also neutralizes unfortunate accents.

An Unrepentant Repo Man

Claims he seized his own mother’s car

Scion of Disgraced Televangelists Preaching in Hipster Bars

Wearing a cross, star of David and Islamic crescent moon, Jay Bakker speaks of “inclusion.”

Nobody Dies Here (video)

The story of an idyllic little hospital, where the patients are undemanding and healing is a family affair

The Soul of a Grown Machine

Environmentally friendly and fun to ride, bamboo bikes are catching on

Warming Up to Hot Wax

New York City men dive into the beauty pool

As Villains or Heroes, Muslims Star in New U.S. Comics

Fights over fundamentalism, and a dearth of role models, are driving forces

Whatever Happened to College Dating?

The complexities of the casual date

Dating Family Style

How to act when Mom and Dad are both dating (but not each other), and brother is too

A Needle through the Neck

Some people think thatís sexy. But often it can all go wrong.

I Luv U

And other things you should never send in a text message

"But That's Where I Live, Too!"

Lots of young adults feel uprooted when parents decide to sell the family home.


Briefings for my semester abroad glossed over a key issue: how to ward off unwelcome sexual advances

Daughter Knows Best

After my parents divorced, I was the one giving the dating advice

Over the Edge

Staring down death in the Grand Canyon