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Money & Work

A Passion for Glass

Even as the craft of glassblowing declines, an intern prepares to enter a venerated field

The Punk and the Professional

The generational clash over corporate dress

“That’s all I’m looking for, a chance at something better”

An unemployed furniture salesman, at the end of his resources, is forced into a shelter. But a new kind of employment office gives him hope.

How Do You Create Optimism During a Recession? At Gunpoint.

A Speech Coach to the Stars

Sam Chwat helped Julia Roberts and Robert De Niro. He also neutralizes unfortunate accents.

Cruising for Passengers

Desperate to fill empty cabins, the cruise line industry is slashing prices by more than a third

Would You Mind Disrobing, James?

And other requests made of young gay men who work as “houseboys”

What I Learned in a Ghanaian Shack

I didn’t expect to work while studying abroad. Then the sign in the window drew me in.

Hands, Her Greatest Asset

To keep her skin pristine, this top parts model won’t cook, schlep garbage or go out ungloved.

"But That's Where I Live, Too!"

Lots of young adults feel uprooted when parents decide to sell the family home.