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Predict the Next War

New software allows practically anybody to try forecasting the future

A Mosque that Can't Borrow Faces the Loss of its Home (video)

Members hope Islamic financing practices arrive in time to save it

Disabled Iraq War Vet Claims he was Beaten by McDonald's Workers (video)

Disabled New Yorker said workers violated the law by refusing to serve him because he was accompanied by his service dog.

FALLOUT: Cold War-era uranium mining leaves a poisoned legacy for the Navajo

“A good place for corporations to exploit the people”

FALLOUT: Six children whose dad worked in the mines died before their mid-30s

“There were times I brought home rocks that were uranium, and I would put it on my windowsill for my kids to see the work I was doing. But I was unaware of the risk.

FALLOUT: Sick with Cancer, But Still Drinking From a Uranium-Contaminated Well

“I said, ‘it can’t be; that’s good water.”