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Home(less) Team

A soccer league made up of homeless people is working unexpected magic

Teaching South African Girls to Report on the World Cup

New group to train poor teens in video and blogging techniques during the June games

Paper Thin

Too many biographies of young athletes arenít ready for prime time

Riding (Uphill) to Prosperity

Bike tourism has helped lift the old mining town of Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, from its long depression. Too bad not everybodyís happy about that

Will Exercise Video Games Get Kids Off the Couch?

New Nintendo Wii sports and fitness games fuel a fervid debate

Motorcycle Mama

My life as a badass biker chick, or taking the parking lot in the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Beginner Rider Course

Racing Without Brakes (or Gears, or Lycra)

The cheapo, pared-down, under-the-radar world of the Alleycat, the international bike messenger races

Anything to Score

Ghanaians were ecstatic when their soccer team nearly made the World Cup quarterfinals last year. The downside: thousands of teens fantasizing about sports careers have been spirited away to Europe, and often abandoned there.

We'll Always Have Soccer

Even as dictators ruled and the economy crumbled, Argentines loved their country through their teams