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Say No to the Dress

2010 is the year of the bride who fights the hype

Going Over to the Dark Side

Teen lit about suicide, anorexia and techno-torture is on the rise

Should Men and Women Room Together in College?

Or should administrators even ask about the gender of prospective roommates? Some colleges experiment with “gender-blind” dorms

Is Recycling Worth It?

An inquiry into the fate of our waste

Top Kids' Show "iCarly" is All About Tech

Lacing a show with blogs, text messaging, or any kind of new technology is the current formula for getting tweens and teens to tune in.

Black Women Turn to Online Dating to Find Love

More than 40 percent have never married, one study found. So growing numbers of women are tapping into their screens.

The Big Business in Baby Beauty

How the beauty industry sells to kids

The Punk and the Professional

The generational clash over corporate dress

ďThatís all Iím looking for, a chance at something betterĒ

An unemployed furniture salesman, at the end of his resources, is forced into a shelter. But a new kind of employment office gives him hope.

The 23-Year-Old Intern

Did I just graduate, or am I imagining it? Journalism alumni keep right on interning at big publications, leaning on retail jobs and parents to pay the bills

Bronx Latinas Rethink the Pregnancy Choice

With the pregnancy rate for Latina teens the highest in the nation, and the rate in the Bronx the highest in New York, some Bronx girls are thinking again

The Rise of "Afropolitan" Fashion

Ghanaian designers meld African and cosmopolitan looks to create new styles

You Have One New Friend Request - From Your Mom

Coping with the Facebook generation gap

Foreclosing on God

Some churches that grew aggressively are losing their buildings, and are forced to double up

How Do You Create Optimism During a Recession? At Gunpoint.

U.S. Muslim Women Fight for Power

Young, educated women are demanding more authority at the mosque

Gen Y Reads -- But Only for Nine Minutes A Day

Are twentysomethings changing the culture of literature?

A Matchmaker Talks About What's Really Important

Recession presses people to prioritize relationships, this pro says

An Unrepentant Repo Man

Claims he seized his own mother’s car

Virtual Adoption

Fearful right-to-lifers try a kinder, gentler tactic on the eve of the pro-choice Obama era

Newspapers No More

For colleges, itís all the news thatís fit to print—online

Their Boots of Vegan Pleather

Surprise! Grit capital New York is becoming a global mecca for those who eat, and live, animal-free

New York Marijuana Delivery Services Generate Plenty of Green

Experts compare them to the ďdonít ask, donít tellĒ speakeasies of the 1920s

Warming Up to Hot Wax

New York City men dive into the beauty pool

Never Settle

Beguiled by the allures of the road, and endless choices, more twentysomethings are turning into professional nomads

Rye Makes a Comeback

Americans take a second look at an old favorite

Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun

In search of perfect playmates for their pets, some owners have taken to matchmaking online.

A Needle through the Neck

Some people think thatís sexy. But often it can all go wrong.

So Now We'll Be Taking Tea Breaks?

Tearooms are spreading across the nation, as Americans discover the health and relaxation benefits of an ancient drink

Just Embarrass Him to Death

Victimized by wandering hands on public transit? Snap the creep’s picture and post it online, protest group suggests

Making Work Work For Gen Y

Many twenty-somethings say theyíll seek out careers that will let them balance jobs and family better than their baby boomer parents did.

Babysitting Goes to College

With child care now paying more than the typical bottom-rung retail job, university students are chasing gigs once left to high-schoolers.