A History of News (Viking, Penguin, Oxford — third edition). A New York Times“Notable Book of the Year.” Translated into four languages. An investigation of the nature and meaning of news — based on an extended international history of journalism, from from preliterate societies through Athens, Rome, China, medieval Europe, Renaissance Europe, revolutionary America and France, nineteenth-century England and America, and through the twentieth century and the digital age. “Thorough, scrupulous and witty…A History of News is in all respects first-rate, and original, work,” Jonathan Yardley, Washington Post.

the rise of the image the fall of the word (Oxford). A historical perspective on contemporary media and their potential. “A visionary thinker,” San Francisco Chronicle. “Compelling and engaging…. It will undoubtedly require skeptics to rethink their prejudice against the power and potential of the moving image,” Houston Chronicle. “Remarkable for [its] depth of research, breadth of thought, intrepid spirit, and provocative conclusions,” Hungry Mind Review. “A fascinating, counterintuitive tour de force,” Wilson Quarterly. “A thoughtful and measured challenge, the kind of…scholarship that helps push us forward,” American Journalism Review.” “Fascinating to think about,” Library Journal. “A terrific book…forcefully and brilliantly argue[d],” Hotwired. “I consider his visionary work to be a great public service,” FEED.

Covering Catastrophe: Broadcast Journalists Report September 11 (Bonus Books; new edition forthcoming from September 11 Memorial). An oral history of the events of that day in the words of more than one hundred and thirty television and radio journalists, ranging from the three network anchors to reporters from Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Organized, cut, edit and rewrote these accounts, collected by my fellow editors — Allison Gilbert, Phil Hirschkorn, Melinda Murphy and Robyn Walensky — into a narrative. “This extraordinary book…, beyond its compelling backstage detail, gives us a remarkable window into how individual reporters, like their nation, struggled through stages of shock, denial, outrage, pride and professionalism,” American Journalism Review.  All royalties donated to September 11-related charities. Spring 2002.

Broadcast News (Wadsworth — fourth edition). “The best-selling textbook in its field since publication in 1981,” the New York Times, November 7, 1993.

Writing and Reporting the News (Oxford — third edition). Written with Jerry Lanson. Widely used journalism textbook.