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Start your own river, now!

Previously: “Rivers make news organizations more efficient at gathering news.”

Which begs an obvious question — How?

You can experience a river by reading someone else’s.

Here’s one that covers a development community. Every time there’s a new source, a new tributary, we add it to the river. So in case you might not be subscribed to every mail list or blog, as the community grows, you can still easily get up to date on what’s going on.

To start your own, here’s a howto:


If all goes well, you’ll have a river in five minutes.

Leave it running and you’ll get news on the sources we subscribed to for you.

But the real art to rivers is in the choice of feeds.

More on that soooon.

PS: If you want to put it on a server where you can access it over the Internet at any time from anywhere, here’s how to set one up in Amazon’s “cloud.” It totally demystifies it. You’ll see that a server is just a computer, like your laptop, except you never turn it off and it’s always on the Internet. That’s all a server is. Seriously. 🙂