A Powerful, Easy-to-Use, HTML5 Wordpress Theme. Free.

Simple Times

Simple Times is a free HTML5 WordPress theme inspired by the look of The New York Times website. It is clean, easy to read, places a strong emphasis on simplicity and still manages to be full-featured. Simple Times has numerous options including:

  • Customizable Background Color and Image
  • Customizable Header Image
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook and Twitter Buttons
  • Twitter Widget
  • Custom Category Pages
  • Author Index Pages
  • Threaded Comments (aka Nested Replies)

In addition to visual simplicity the theme strives to maintain simple code as well. The theme uses no javascript*, pure CSS drop-down menus and straight-forward mark-up which works great on mobile devices. It has been extensively tested on all major browsers and will offer your visitors a consistent experience regardless of the browser, OS or mobile device they use. Unlike many (if not most) WordPress themes, Simple Times never cuts corners, but always cuts code.

The default look is very vanilla, but by using the “Theme Options” you can easily add your own header image and background as well as include your own CSS. In no time you can add some personality to your blog without knowing too much about web design. Check out our Example Gallery to get some inspiration.

This theme is provided free of charge under the terms of the GNU Public License (as is WordPress). The theme has been developed by the staff of the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at New York University as our way of contributing back to the WordPress community.

The various posts and pages on this site are part of the WordPress Unit Tests so you can see how the theme works in a variety of situations.

Read all that, want the theme? Download it!

(*In order for HTML5 elements to work on older versions of Internet Explorer a single javascript file is loaded. This is only loaded in that instance.)