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October 2013

Top Stories

Seth Freed Wessler is the recipient of the Institute’s 2013 Reporting Award, a freelance journalist and a visiting scholar at the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute. Wessler’s reporting on immigration, child welfare, labor, the social safety net and race and has been published on, NPR’s Latino USA, PRI’s The World, Elle Magazine, Good Magazine, The Texas Observer and other outlets. His award-winning investigative series for revealed there are thousands of U.S. citizen children in local foster care whose immigrant parent has been deported. The series elicited direct response from the federal government and spurred the passage of state child welfare legislation.

Wessler will spend his time as recipient of the Award reporting on mental health issues that impact families. He will focus in particular on the treatment by state social services of mothers and fathers with psychiatric disabilities. The project will build upon Wessler’s previous reporting on child welfare and the social safety net.

If you are interested in applying to The Reporting Award, applications will be up in mid-December here.

Recent Events

Dow Jones editor-in-chief Gerard Baker gave a peek to audience members at how America’s most revered business newspaper is adjusting to a changing landscape, discussing a need for editors and reporters at The Wall Street Journal to refocus their coverage in an age of new media. Read the full article here

Bedford + Bowery, a collaboration hyperlocal news blog between the New York magazine and NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, ended this past month. If you missed one of their many great events, you can watch taped versions here.

NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute has named Stephen Solomon its first Marjorie Deane professor of financial journalism. Solomon, who was a writer at Fortune and has written for The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times Magazine and The New Republic, is also the founder and director of NYU’s Business and Economic masters program.

Professor James Mcbride (Distinguished Writer in Residence) is listed as a finalist for the National Book Awards.


Alumni Bylines


Kathryn Joyce (M.A. CRC ’03) had her article “The Evangelical Orphan Boom” published in the New York Times recently.


Jessica Gross’s (M.A. CRC ’01) piece “Valerie Plame Is the Master of Her Own Universe” was published in the New York Times.
Pranav Dixit (M.A. Magazine ‘13) was published in The Times of India with the article “Making of a Writer”.


Mona El-Naggar’s (M.A. NewsDoc ’12) award-winning (Outstanding Documentary Award for the News and Documentary NYU class of 2013) “Istislam” was screened at Cinema El-Forum.


Komali Aijazuddin (B.A. Journalism ’06) was named “Hottie of the Week” in The Express Tribune.


Louie Lazar’s (M.A. RNY ’12) article “Delivering – and Writing and Editing – News from the Homeland” was published in The Wall Street Journal.




November 12th, 2013

6:30 – 8:30PM, 20 Cooper Square, 7th Floor

A Conversation with David Remnick, Editor of The New Yorker


November 13th, 2013

6:30 – 8:30PM, 20 Cooper Square, 7th Floor

NewsDoc Alumni Reunion
Featuring a special program for 10 Emmy-nominated NewsDoc alumni.


November 21st, 2013

6:00 – 9:00PM, 20 Cooper Square, 7th Floor

Inside Out: Evan Ratliff of The Atavist on the Future of Longform Storytelling
Join us for a conversation with Evan Ratliff, editor of the acclaimed web start-up The Atavist and an award-winning journalist for The New Yorker, Outside, National Geographic and Wired.


November 25th, 2013

6:00 – 8:00PM, 20 Cooper Square, 7th Floor

Anna Holmes’ Book of Jezebel
Join us to welcome Anna Holmes, NYU alumna writer and creator of, and author of The Book of Jezebel, an encyclopedia guide to pop culture, fashion, sex, and more.


Alumni Messages

Note from NYU alumna/magazine editor Stephanie Wu (B.A. ’09):


I’m looking to talk to anyone who has had an interesting roommate experience in boarding school, college, post-grad, nursing homes, and so on. I’m also looking for those who have had some type of mid-life change (or bucked tradition) and found themselves living with a roommate while in their 30s and up. The stories will vary from horrifying to funny to moving: I want to include the familiar types we know and love—the moocher, the one who never cleans, the nymphomaniac—but also the out-of-the-ordinary stories, like the roommates who got married or the roommate who saved your life.


Anyone with a story should feel free to reach out to me, either via e-mail at or by visiting this website: All stories can be anonymous and I’d just want to talk for 30 minutes by phone.


Thank you in advance for your help!



As chronicled in coming-of-age TV shows like “Friends” and “Golden Girls,” there’s nothing quite like learning to live with—and sometimes, love—a total stranger. In my book, people of all ages and backgrounds will tell stories of this unavoidable rite of passage: bunking up in sleepaway camp, college dorms, nursing homes, and so on. It will also delve into what it’s like to live in a 100-person sorority house, army bunker, reality TV mansion, tour bus, and other extraordinary circumstances. The anecdotes will range from moving to cautionary, and along the way we’ll surely challenge conventional notions of creepiness. Collectively, they’ll provide an eye-opening look at modern-day living situations, and the way economic factors, family structure, and most of all, Craigslist have changed the way we live.


Film Finalist Voting

Alumnus Clair Ward (M.A. NewsDoc ’12), and her team members (Mona El-Naggar (M.A. NewsDoc ’12), William Gallego (M.A. NewsDoc ’12), Gabriella Pezzo (M.A. NewsDoc ’12), and Zijian Mu (M.A. NewsDoc ’12)) competed in the 2013 International Documental Film Competition and were chosen as one of twelve finalists. Their film Free Advice Girl premiered at Hot Docs – the Largest Documentary Film Festival in North America, in April.

Clair’s film in now competing for The Audience Awards at The Audience Awards provides mass exposure for emerging filmmakers. At The Audience Awards, the film with the most votes wins! When the competitions opens in November the audience can vote once a day for their favorite film.

Support Clair’s film Free Advice Girl!


Sharing Your Story


Stacey Patton (B.A. ‘00) is the lead enterprise reporter for The Chronicle of High Education’s new site called Chronicle Vitae, which is designed to help academics navigate the many dimensions of their careers.

The site is targeting graduate students, adjuncts, post-docs, tenure track faculty and other early-career academics.

Patton is launching a new weekly series called “How I Get By,” which will tell the stories of how academics make a living, manage their lives and career goals in these tough times. If you are interested in sharing your story please email Stacey Patton: or call her at 202.466.1726


 Career Moves


Sabrina Shankman (B.A. ’05) has started a job with InsideClimate as an in-house producer, producing e-books, co-productions (documentaries, TV shoes, radio and multimedia with various partners) and doing some reporting of her own.

She has just built an app for the e-books using the Atavist platform, where the e-books will be heavy on interactivity and multimedia; the app launches in November.



Documentary Filmmaker/Photographer/Videographer/Journalist, Meteor – New York, NY

Meteor Magazine is a New York based multimedia news and documentary platform that promotes interactive storytelling. Meteor Magazine is currently in Beta and scheduled to launch in early 2014. Current creators are contributing to this exciting evolution in online story telling and ultimately, the future of news.


We bring together people from different mediums to work independently or collectively to create content of a wide variety. Through great narrative, coupled with groundbreaking technology, we are pushing the boundaries of traditional story telling. Our creators are making stories more engaging, thought provoking, and interactive. Meteor will redefine the way stories are consumed around the world.


Due to the cutting edge components of our platform, more details will be shared upon further direct communication.


Please be advised that URL is not yet open to the public.


We are looking to recruit filmmakers, videographers, photographers, and print journalists for Meteor Magazine, scheduled to launch in early 2014. We are a start-up multimedia news and documentary platform engaged in cutting edge storytelling. Stories will include short films, video, documentary photography, and written content.

Creators should have reasonable experience in their respective field. They will develop ideas, shoot video and/or photo essays on a range of topics of their choice. Creators can work independently or collaborate with others.


We are looking for creators who push the boundaries of storytelling and think outside of the box.


How to Apply:

Please send us a portfolio, demo reel or link to your most recent work to:





Video Editor, Tripfilms – New York, NY

The largest travel video website aimed to inspire travelers and help them to plan their trips. Our videos our distributed by USA Today, Microsoft, Huffington Post Travel and other travel brands.


Tripfilms is the largest travel video website and we are based here in NYC. We are always sending out filmmakers on assignment around the world and are looking for an NYC based editor for local/travel assignments. We are seeking someone whom can shoot & edit at a high level.


You must have all your own equipment (camera, audio, edit software).


How to Apply
Please apply with the following: 
Cover letter about you, your relevant experience, what you like about Tripfilms and links to your previous video work. 
Email Kelley (





Online Content Editor, ElderBranch – Flexible, NY

ElderBranch is an online information portal that helps people find and evaluate long-term care providers such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Additionally, the platform provides rich blog content including articles, studies and resources related to senior care issues. ElderBranch is headquartered in New York, NY and can be found online at


ElderBranch seeks a freelance content writer to write Q&A style articles based on interviews with on various health and policy experts. Specific topics and experts will be assigned on a weekly basis. 

The ideal candidate for this position should be comfortable interviewing experts such as academic researchers, healthcare practitioners and policy makers. The candidate should also have an ability to understand and synthesize academic research and translate that content into copy that is clear and concise for the average reader.


How to Apply:

Please send resume, cover letter and writing sample to





Fellow, Grist – Seattle, WA

We are an independent nonprofit media organization that shapes the country’s environmental conversations, making green second nature for our monthly audience of 1,500,000 and growing. We reach the next generation by cutting through the noise to connect big issues like climate change to daily life, and by spotlighting the people and ideas leading us to a more sustainable future.

The Grist Fellowship Program is an opportunity for early-career writers, editors, and others with diverse backgrounds to hone their journalistic skills at a national news outlet and deepen their knowledge of environmental issues. The fellowship offers exposure to the leading sustainability thinkers and theories of our time, real-world experience at a fast-paced news site, and access to the yummiest snacks this side of Saskatchewan.


How to Apply:

Please go to for application instructions.





Editorial Assistant, The Real Deal – New York, NY

The Real Deal, an award-winning 60,000-circulation real estate news magazine and website that provides an inside look at the big players and major deals in New York City.


The Real Deal, an award-winning 60,000-circulation real estate news magazine that provides an inside look at the big players and major deals in New York City, is seeking a part-time editorial assistant to work 80 hours per month. The position involves writing and research for the magazine’s regular monthly features, as well as reporting stories. Applicants must have solid news judgment and be able to turn in clean copy. 1-3 years of journalism or publishing experience required. Knowledge of real estate is a plus but not required.


How to Apply:

Applicants should send resume and clips to editor Stuart W. Elliott at jobs @





Copy Editor, The Press of Atlantic City – Pleasantville, NJ

The Press of Atlantic City is a daily newspaper and website dedicated to serving the southern New Jersey shore, including Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland and Ocean counties.


The Press of Atlantic City and is seeking a first-rate copy editor and paginator to work in our home office at the New Jersey shore. The successful candidate will catch and fix problems with stories, often by working closely with our news desk. He or she will also excel at writing headlines for both print and web editions and at designing pages. Salary is negotiable. This is a full-time job.

How to Apply:
Send a cover letter, resume and three writing samples to Dave Turner (




Contributor, BKLYNR – New York, NY


BKLYNR is web-published semi-monthly focused on telling stories about the political, economic, and cultural life of Brooklyn looking for a contributor. We strive to produce thoughtful, compelling journalism that explores new narratives, rather than retreading tired tropes about Brooklyn. 


We promise readers three excellent stories—two long works of journalism, one lighter piece—and beautiful original artwork, twice a month. 


Current contributors have worked for organizations like The New York Times, The New Yorker, Interview, Fortune, The New York Observer, and The Wall Street Journal.


Reporters with long-form experience, photographers, video-journalists, and illustrators are wanted.


How to Apply:
Contact with 2-3 relevant samples of the kind of work you’re interested in contributing. (Contributor pay rate ranges.)