Journalism in Ghana


Journalism in Ghana is an intensive six-week experience in immersion journalism. Students follow a rigorous schedule and actively participate in reporting, writing, photographing, or filming almost every day. Students who wish to develop their reporting pieces further after returning to the U.S. will have the opportunity to do so.

For more information visit the NYU Accra Summer Abroad website or the current course listing page.

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Students take a minimum of 6 credits; both 4 credit options count as electives for the journalism major or both journalism minors:

  • Journalism and Society: Cultural Context of African Media JOUR-UA 9503 (4 credits)
  • Elective Reporting Topics: Reporting Africa JOUR-UA 9204 (4 credits)
  • Food, Culture & Globalization: Accra FOOD-UE 9186 (2 credit)

Summer 2022 Key Dates

Arrival and Departure

  • Student Arrival: May 23, 2022.
  • Student Departure: July 2, 2022.

Sample Projects by Past Participants