Travel: Why Americans should hit the road

"The really important distinction, from the point of view of the traveler, is the mistake the liberalish, leftish, thinking folk make," writes Patricia Perkins. "That we are somehow all alike under our skin."

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WTO Diary, two years on

Nearing the second anniversary of Seattle's WTO riots, Orcas-Island-based radio reporter Liam Moriarty will read from his five-day eyewitness WTO Diary of November-December, 1999. He will include an update, a companion essay entitled "After Seattle," and an epilogue written after the terrorist attacks that looks at the fate of the anti-globalization movement.

Forum: Gandhi, naming the culprit, no white hats

"There are no white hats in this movie," writes Megan Knight. "No one to cheer for, or rail against, and it wouldn't matter if there were. Every time I open my mouth to accuse or defend someone, I can see someone else looking at me, saying, 'What about my pain?'"

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09/11 8:48 AM: Foreword by Jay Rosen

"The writing collected here includes eyewitness accounts, on-the-ground reportage, personal essays, political argument, public debate, oral history, and a number of other genres, writes Jay Rosen. "But there is a single theme: how to make human sense of what happened."

"09/11 8:48 AM has real power that is likely to hold up over time."

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09/11 8:48 AM: Documenting America's Greatest Tragedy

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Now available: The first print book on the tragedy of September 11 and its global impact: a collection of articles by ordinary people, journalists and academics worldwide, including many selections from the Blue Ear Forum.

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