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Reporting New York: In Multimedia

  • Border Project 2010: Students from Reporting the Nation and Reporting NY travel to the Arizona/Mexico border.

  • East Village Shoe Repair: By Sarah Tung

  • Liquor License - Local East Village: The EV is one of the trendiest nightlife hotspots and a hotbed of controversy.

  • Living with Uranium: Rolanda Tahani drinks uranium contaminated water every day. She has no other option. by Rachel Wise

  • No Longer a Home: A Navajo home filled with loss and grief. by Rachel Wise

  • NYU/Reporting the Nation/NY in Navajo Country : We traveled to Navajo nation to do a multimedia project on the problems the Navajo people face.

  • Oswaldo Gomez: Oswaldo Gomez is living with AIDS and thriving. by Liz Wagner

  • Reporting NY and Reporting the Nation : There is no better city to learn the tools to be a great reporter than New York.

  • The Local East Village: The NY Times and the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute team up to produce a hyperlocal site

  • What Immigrants Eat: Four Stops in NYC: Reporting New York



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New York is a vibrant and exciting news town. There is no better city to learn the tools to be a great reporter. There is no city as complex and diverse, with millions of stories at your fingertips waiting to be told.

Every national and international story is in our neighborhoods. The rich and the poor stand side by side in our subways. Thriving parks are blocks away from decaying neighborhoods. The homeless sit on manhole covers in front of million dollar town homes. The middle class is the backbone of the city, fighting to keep their neighborhoods safe and clean. This is a city that has fought its way back from the crack epidemic of the 80's and 90's, and embraced gentrification with its many rewards and drawbacks.

It is a city of art, music, fashion and life, waiting for you to tell her stories.

In Reporting New York: In Multimedia you will learn to cover cities. The skills and knowledge you acquire here will serve you in reporting on any city in America. Armed with your notebook and later with a digital camera, video camera, and audio recorder, you will canvass the city exploring issues and people. You will learn to tell stories on different platforms, always experimenting, finding your voice and your style in a changing media landscape. The best of these stories will appear in our award-winning multimedia publication  Pavement Pieces.

Pleaase note this concentration is designed for students whose interests lies in a variety of subjects, news, features, broadcast, sports, photography... the list is endless. In WRII you work on the stories that matter to you and build a multi-platform reporting portfolio. All students work in all mediums.

Every year students travel as a group and execute a 3-day intensive multi-platform reporting project. The Fall 2009 trip was to Navajo Nation, where students reported on housing conditions and uranium contamination. The Fall 2010 trip was be to the Arizona/Mexico Border to cover immigration issues. In Fall 2011 we traveled to Detroit where we covered urban poverty and hope. In 2012 students traveled to swing states and focused on issues cruicial to young voters in a special award- winningreport. at  In 2013 we were in Alabama.  All stories can be found on

Here are some samples of stories

The Forgotten Navajo

The Border Project

Rebuilding Detroit

Southern Stories: Today's Alabama

 For more information contact Prof. Yvonne Latty at







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  • anthonyderosa

    Anthony De Rosa
    Anthony is the Reuters Social Media Editor, integrating the “ambient wire” that exists on social networks, where news now breaks before anywhere else, into Reuters platforms. He's also host of Reuters TV's "Tech Tonic" and a Reuters columnist. 

  • grinker220x220

    Lori Grinker
    Lori Grinker is an award-winning documentary photojournalist. While a student at Parsons School of Design, she conducted a photo essay on young boxers who worked with legendary trainer Cus D’Amato, included in this group was a 13 year-old Mike Tyson...

  • Nadine Heintz

    Nadine Heintz
    Nadine Heintz is a senior editor at Inc., a magazine about entrepreneurship that received the 2012 National Magazine Award for General Excellence in the special interest category. After receiving an M.A.

  • latty yvonneSQ

    Yvonne Latty
    Yvonne Latty is the Director of the Reporting New York and Reporting the Nation programs at the Institute. Her award winning documentary "Sacred Poison" on the effects of uranium contamination in Navajo Nation has been screened all over the world.

  • jimmacmillanSQ

    Jim MacMillan
    Jim MacMillan is an independent multimedia journalist, university educator and instructional new media consultant, based in Philadelphia. MacMillan spent last year as an assistant professor on the convergence journalism faculty at the University of Missouri School of Journalism.  

  • mihaiSQ

    Adrian Mihai
    Professor Mihai, the broadcast operations manager of the department, is a freelance videographer, independent producer and multi-media designer. He produced and directed several documentaries, "E Pluribus Unum" (1994), a film that investigates the spiritual milieu of first generation immigrants from...

  • serrinSQ

    William Serrin
    William Serrin is a former labor and workplace correspondent for The New York Times. He is the author of Homestead: The Glory and Tragedy of an American Steel Town, a book on the collapse of the U.S.