Study Away

NYU Global Programs

More students from NYU study abroad than from any other American university. And with 14 study away locations, it’s not hard to see why.

As NYU students based in New York, you’re already studying in the media capital of the world. But now, more than ever, journalism is an international profession, and we encourage all journalism students to take advantage of opportunities to study away.

Course Offerings

Currently, only journalism electives are offered at NYU’s study away sites. A few tips and things to note:

  • NYU’s Global Study Planner is a great tool for exploring study away courses by academic discipline, preferred language, and/or semester.
  • If you take journalism courses at any of NYU’s study away sites (i.e., courses listed as JOUR-UA), Albert will automatically count them towards the journalism major.
  • Some journalism courses offered at study away sites are cross-listed with other departments. If a course appears to be full when you go to register, you can try registering under the cross-listed course number.


The following sites offer journalism electives during the Fall 2019 and/or Spring 2020 semesters. For detailed information about course offerings, visit the “Academics” section for each study away site.


  • Methods and Practice: Reporting Africa JOUR-UA 9202 (Fall 2019)
  • Journalism and Society: Cultural Contexts and African Media JOUR-UA 9503 (Spring 2020)

Buenos Aires

  • Journalism & Society: Leaks and Whistleblowers JOUR-UA 9503 (cross-listed as MCC-UE 9111) (Fall 2019)
  • Reporting Buenos Aires JOUR-UA 9204 (Spring 2020)


  • Methods and Practice: Reporting the Arts JOUR-UA 9202 (Fall 2019 and Spring 2020)
  • Journalism and Society: From Broadsheets to Bullets JOUR-UA 9503 (Fall 2019 and Spring 2020)


  • Madrid Stories: Engaging with the City Through Documentary Film JOUR-UA 9204 (cross-listed as SPAN-UA 9661) (Fall 2019 and Spring 2020)


  • Elective Reporting Topics: International Reporting JOUR-UA 9204 (Fall 2019)
  • Global Media Seminar: East-Central Europe JOUR-UA 9505 (cross-listed as MCC-UE 9453) (Spring 2020)
  • Production and Publication: Travel Writing JOUR-UA 9302 (Spring 2020)


  • Journalism and Society: Science, Politics, and the Environment JOUR-UA 9503 (cross-listed as ENVST-UA 9503) (Fall 2019 and Spring 2020)

Tel Aviv

  • Reporting Armed Conflict JOUR-UA 9204 (Fall 2019)

Washington, D.C.

  • Journalism & Society: Science, Politics, & the Environment JOUR-UA 9503 (cross-listed as ENVST-UA 9503) (Fall 2019)
  • Journalism Ethics & First Amendment Law JOUR-UA 9502 (Fall 2019 and Spring 2020)
  • Methods and Practice: Truthiness, Spin, Media & Politics JOUR-UA 9202 (Spring 2020)


Journalism electives are occasionally offered at other study away sites like Berlin, Florence, and Paris. Visit the “Academics” section for each study away site for detailed information on course offerings.