Hearst Journalism Awards Program

Hearst Journalism Awards

Don’t miss your chance to win the “Pulitzer Prize of college journalism.”

Participation in the program is open to undergraduate journalism majors. An exception to the journalism major rule is made for students entering the photojournalism competitions.

A few thoughts on how to enter the Hearst Competitions:

​NYU Journalism Career Services will accept all applications and select the top two entries​ in each category​ to be submitted ​to Hearst.

​Below is the Competition Calendar with NYU Journalism’s in-house deadlines. We will send out separate reminders for each category.



Feature WritingMonday, 10/23/23

Photo I: News and FeatureMonday, 10/30/23



Television I: FeaturesMonday, 11/6/23

Multimedia Narrative Video Storytelling Monday, 11/6/23

Explanatory ReportingMonday, 11/27/23



Sports Writing Monday, 1/8/24

Audio – News and Features – Monday, 1/8/24

Multimedia Innovative Storytelling Monday, 1/22/24

Photo II: Picture Story/SeriesMonday, 1/29/24



Personality/Profile WritingMonday, 2/5/24

Television II: News – Monday, 2/12/24

Multimedia Digital News or Enterprise Story – IndividualMonday, 2/19/24


MARCH 2024

Writing Investigative Reporting Monday, 3/18/24


APRIL 2024

Multimedia Team Digital News or Enterprise StoryMonday, 4/1/24


For more information, visit the Hearst Journalism Awards website.

Substantial scholarship increases were added to the program starting in the 2017-2018 school year. Representing an increase of nearly 50 percent, more than $650,000 will be provided annually in scholarships, grants and stipends to participating and winning journalism students and accredited journalism undergraduate universities. These increases are in bold.

The top five ranking entrants in the 14 monthly competitions win the following scholarships:

First Place ($3,000)
Second Place ($2,000)
Third Place ($1,500)
Fourth Place ($1,000)
Fifth Place ($1,000)
6th-10th place (Certificate of Merit)

NYU Journalism students interested in submitting work for any of these should email

Previous NYU Hearst Journalism Award Winners


Stacia Datskovska (13th Place, Profile Writing)
Pablo Ocariz Gimenez (14th Place, Sports Writing)


David Cheung (8th Place, Multimedia Narrative Storytelling)
Payton Selby (18th Place, Feature Writing)
Jules Roscoe (15th Place, Multimedia Digital News/Enterprise Story – Individual)
Edward Franco (17th Place, Television II: News)
Rachel Cohen (10th place, Hearst Explanatory Reporting)


Jules Roscoe (13th place, Hearst Feature Writing)
Natalie Jonas (19th place, Hearst Feature Writing)
Laura Measher (4th place, Hearst Awards TV Features)
Celia Tewey (17th place, Hearst Awards Multimedia Narrative Video Storytelling)
Victor Chen (20th place, Hearst Awards Multimedia Narrative Video Storytelling)
Alex Tey (11th Place tie, Hearst Explanatory Writing)
Chandra Xu (15th Place,  Hearst Explanatory Writing)


Mikaela Gegelys (15th place, Hearst Awards Sports Writing)


Jing Feng (2nd Place, Multimedia Narrative Storytelling)
Tatyana Tandanpolie (5th Place, Feature Writing)
Yasmin Gulec (17th Place, Profile Writing)


Kaitlyn Wang (11th Place, Narrative Video Storytelling)
Jing Feng (4th Place, Television Features)
Téa Kvetenadze (9th Place, Breaking News Writing)


Yara Hamway (10th Place, Multimedia Enterprise Reporting)
Jesus Ian Kumamoto (16th Place, Multimedia Enterprise Reporting)


Omar etman (9th Place, Feature Writing)


Kelvin Huang (6th Place, Sports Writing)
Mariana Fernandez (7th Place, Enterprise Reporting)
Josephine Marie Luck ​(10th Place, Television Features)


Devon​ Frye ​(6th place, Enterprise Reporting)


Cassia Reynolds (2nd Place, Television I)
Eli Epstein​ (5th Place, Feature Writing)


Elizabeth Kreutz​ ​(6th Place, Multimedia)


Benjamin Norman​ (10th Place, Photo I)
Nicole Tung​​ (3rd Place, Photo III)
Nicole Tung​ (8th Place, Championships Photo Semi-Final)


Stacey Patton​​ ​(5th Place, Feature Writing)


Stacey Patton​ (1st Place, Feature Writing)
Stacey Patton​ (4th Place, Championship Writing)


Jennifer Gustin (5th Place, Television I)
Jennifer Gustin​ (10th Place, Championship Television Semi-final)


Brian Wright​ (9th Place, Sports Writing)


Scott Wenger​ (4th Place, In-Depth Writing)


George Wirt​ (8th Place, Spot News Writing)


Nathan Kleinfield​ (3rd Place, Championship Writing)
John McKeon (2nd Place, General News Writing)
George Wirt​ (6th Place, General News Writing)


Nathan Kleinfield (3rd Place, General News Writing)
Nathan Kleinfield (4th Place, Feature Writing)
Colleen Sullivan​ (8th Place, General News Writing)


ASME 2021 banner-2
ASME Magazine Internship Program 2021

Application deadline: Dec. 1, 2020.

Information about the Magazine Internship Program can be found at

For over 50 years, the American Society of Magazine Editors has sponsored the Magazine Internship Program—a 10-week program for rising college seniors at magazines in New York and Washington. Since the program was founded in 1967, 2,000 college students have worked as ASME interns. Nearly 500 have gone on to successful careers in print and electronic journalism.

Only 10 percent of all Magazine Internship Program applicants are accepted. ASME interns have distinguished academic records and usually have extensive experience working on city and regional magazines as well as college newspapers and magazines.

ASME interns participate in a three-day orientation program and learn the fundamentals of reporting, fact checking and copy editing. Over the course of the summer, ASME interns attend special events in New York and Washington and meet regularly with top editors.

ASME interns report, edit, fact-check and copy-edit for print and online publications. They may sometimes interview celebrities, attend press conferences and work the red carpet—but most of the summer they do the un-glam but essential work of magazine journalism.

The Magazine Internship Program usually gives preference to students who have been nominated by academic departments and career-guidance offices over other applicants from the same school. Colleges and universities are encouraged to nominate no more than two students.

If you would like to be considered for one of the two NYU nominations, please email your application materials by by Monday, Nov. 16 to (The $40 application fee will be covered by NYU.)

Applicants must complete their junior year before June 2020 and expect to graduate in June 2021. Only full-time students with a grade point average of at least 3.0 will be considered for an internship. Your application must include:

A completed application

  • A one-page cover letter (addressed to Nina Fortuna, Director, ASME) explaining why you are interested in magazine journalism; why you want to participate in the Magazine Internship Program; and why you are qualified to be an ASME intern. The selection committee wants to know how your course of study has prepared you to be an ASME intern and how you plan to use the skills and insights you gain from participation in the Magazine Internship Program not only to advance your career but to benefit the publications where you work your senior year
  • A one-page letter of recommendation from an educator who can attest to your abilities and experience
  • A one-page letter of recommendation from an intern supervisor or employer who can attest to your abilities and experience
  • A current resume
  • No more than 10 clips from a college newspaper or magazine or from a newspaper or magazine where you have interned or worked that demonstrate reporting skills as well as an interest in and knowledge of a range of topics

Students recommended for the Magazine Internship Program by academic departments or career-guidance offices should include one-paragraph letters of nomination in their applications. (Nominated students will pay the application fee on their own and be refunded by NYU Journalism.)

All application materials must be submitted online. Please go to to fill out an application and upload your materials.

If you are applying on your own, the nonrefundable processing fee can be paid online, or you can mail a check to:
Magazine Internship Program
American Society of Magazine Editors
757 Third Avenue, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10017

Checks should be made payable to Magazine Publishers of America. Please include name of applicant on the check.

Applicants will be notified by email of the selection committee’s decision in March 2021.