The Credit Internship Course

NYU Journalism Career Services monitors credit internships and registers students for the course. During the semester, students complete writing assignments, or “logs,” about their internship experience and attend a required class discussion. Grades are based on the logs, participation in the group discussion and the supervisor’s evaluation. Read the following information before completing the registration form at the bottom of this page:


You must be a declared journalism major in the College of Arts & Science or have completed the first semester of your graduate program.

Work Hours

You must work at the internship at least 10 hours a week (but no more than 2 days) during the academic year. If your internship is in the summer, you can choose how many hours to work, as long as you complete a minimum of 100 hours total. Those hours can be completed over a limited period or spread over the summer.

Retroactive Credit

Career Services does not give retroactive credit for internships, or offer academic credit for jobs. Internships must be temporary learning opportunities.

Credit Letters

Once your internship is approved, Career Services generates a credit letter that will be sent directly to your supervisor, indicating that you are eligible to receive academic credit upon satisfactory completion of the internship course.


Contact Career Services immediately if you have a problem at your internship, or if you are being asked to perform duties that are not suitable to our internship standards.


To register for the credit internship course, complete the Intern Record Sheet for approval.

If you have any additional questions please email and