Academic Programs

The Institute offers a major in Journalism (B.A.), with a focus in Journalism or Media Criticism.

We emphasize the practical (basic and advanced skills training) and the theoretical. Students take lecture and seminar classes that emphasize professional ethics, the cultural politics of the media, the social role of the journalist, and the importance of craft (expository, explanatory, and literary technique).

Our strong liberal arts emphasis includes the requirement that every journalism student fulfill a double major with another discipline within the College of Arts and Science, or students from other NYU schools may elect journalism as a second major.

Students can expect an immersion experience in New York City, and can avail themselves of numerous pre-professional and professional publishing opportunities, including the numerous webzines produced within the Institute.

The Honors Program invites eligible juniors or seniors with the highest grade-point average to take special sections of Advanced Reporting and Senior Seminar courses, while completing a two-semester capstone project.

Students can also opt to study around the world in our Journalism Abroad program. Both summer and fall/spring courses are offered.

If you intend to pursue a major in Journalism or already pursuing a major in Journalism please read our handbook.

For the most current information on the requirements for the major in Journalism see here.

Declaring the Major

Students who want to declare a major in Journalism should speak to the Journalism Institute’s Undergraduate Student Advisor, Andrea Brown at

Activities and Awards

Throughout the year, the Institute plays host to innovators and icons of journalism in a series of guest lectures designed to acquaint its students with some of the leading reporters and editors in the field, as well as with issues dominating the news. There is not a magazine or newspaper published in the city whose editors and reporters have not visited us, whether in Institute-wide events or classroom appearances. In intimate talks, household names such as Gay Talese, Sebastian Junger, David Remnick, Garrison Keillor, Adrian Nicole Leblanc,Tavis Smiley and Greil Marcus have shared their wisdom with our students. Some of the most exciting names in journalism teach as Distinguished Writers in Residence, among them Ta-Nehisi Coates, Eliza Griswold, Robert Lee Hotz, and Ivan Oransky, MD.

The Institute also honors top students with awards at its annual post-graduation ceremony.

Career Options

The Institute is committed to preparing its students for careers in newspapers, broadcasting, magazines, and media criticism. Even for students not pursuing careers in journalism, the Institute fosters the skills necessary to succeed in the professional world. The ability to read closely, research thoroughly, think critically, and write clearly and effectively are essential for any career. Institute resources include an Office of Career Services for guidance into the profession.

Admission and Financial Aid

Admission to Journalism is not through the Institute directly, but through the University’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

The University sponsors and administers a wide variety of financial aid programs. Awards are based on the student’s record of academic achievement and test scores as well as on financial need. More detailed information is available at NYU’s pages on Admissions, Financial Aid, and Housing.

More Information

For more information on undergraduate study at NYU, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.