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Find your story. Find your voice. Search for the truth.

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Journalism at NYU is for bold and curious students intent on exploring every avenue until they get to the truth.

At the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, award-winning faculty help equip you with the tools you need to create stories that matter to you. Together, you will learn the craft of reporting and explore the political, theoretical, ethical, and social aspects of the field, which will empower you to understand the creation and impact of journalism from both a practical and academic perspective.


At NYU, you will find a rigorous education coupled with unparalleled inspiration and access.

It is no wonder that many of our alumni work at the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, NBC News, CNN, CNBC, Vanity Fair, and at virtually every other major news organization. They file breaking news stories on deadline and write feature stories for online and print publications. They shoot and edit video, reporting for broadcast and online media. They contribute to podcasts and documentaries. In short, they take what they learned at NYU and apply it to thriving careers.

There is a story in every face and on every corner in New York City, and this is where some of the world’s best media is produced. Undergraduate journalism students at NYU publish their work, do internships at top media outlets, and collaborate on long-term reporting with their classmates and professors. Another hallmark of our program is that all students choose a second major to complement and enhance their journalistic endeavors, which means you will graduate with the critical skills of both fields and an interdisciplinary mind-set that will set you up for future success.

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