New York University’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute has become a leader in developing advanced forms of journalism education. The vast majority of journalism programs cling to a traditional curriculum that teaches skills specifically for one medium of communication – newspaper, magazine, digital or new media, and broadcasting. NYU, however, responding to the need for journalists who are sophisticated in the subject matter that they are covering, has pioneered a curriculum that combines education in subject matter as well as skills.

Master of Arts students at the Carter Institute can choose their program of study based on their areas of interest. They can enroll in distinct programs that focus on science, environment and health or business and economics, as well as concentrations in national and urban issues or culture and criticism. They can choose from other programs focusing on specific areas of the globe. Or they can immerse themselves in learning the most challenging forms of journalism, including literary reportage, documentaries, magazine writing, and new forms that meld the use of audio and video with experimental web-based journalism.

Our dedication to challenging our students to go well beyond traditional skills training has evolved naturally from the Institute’s residence in NYU’s distinguished Faculty of Arts and Science. Thus, we emphasize the kind of critical thinking skills so important in covering a complex, interrelated world. Our faculty comprises an active community of writers who turn out books on important contemporary topics, publish in the most prestigious papers, magazines, and reviews, and produce serious documentaries for such venues as National Public Radio and the network news magazines.

NYU journalism graduate students also compete for some of the most challenging paid and unpaid internships in the business. All programs feature an Arts and Sciences emphasis, basic and advanced skills training, lectures and seminars foundational to the excellent practice of journalism, and thorough exposure to the New York world. Students also have the opportunity to avail themselves of numerous pre-professional and professional publishing opportunities.

On-Campus Interviews:  Visiting NYU: We do not conduct interviews for admission, but if you are interested in visiting the Institute, please contact the director for the appropriate area of study. If you are unsure what area would be best for you, please contact the Administrative Aide for Graduate Affairs for an appointment.