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Diversity at NYU Journalism

Diversity, equity, and inclusion


NYU Journalism is pursuing a wide-ranging diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative this academic year.

Meet some of our students on Instagram. Come to our panels where we explore journalism, identity and issues that matter through a BIPOC lens. Engage with and tell us how we as a community can move forward in an inclusive and meaningful way.


Our Diversity Discussion Panels

Queer Journalists Navigate the Newsroom

November 19, 2020

Race and the 2020 Presidential Election

October 27, 2020

Trauma and Self Care

September 23, 2020


Coalition of Minority Journalists

Get involved and keep an eye out for events sponsored by the Coalition of Minority Journalists. They are a student-led group focused on uplifting minority journalists. CMJ holds panels and networking events that feature top journalists who share what it takes to be successful as a BIPOC and queer journalist in today’s competitive media landscape.

The coalition is partnered with the National Association of Black JournalistsThe National Association of Hispanic Journalists, The Asian American Journalists Association and The Association of LGBTQ Journalists

Memberships in national journalists associations are inexpensive and come with life changing resources, scholarships and job opportunities.  As part of our diversity initiatives NYU Journalism supports trips to the national convention of BIPOC journalism organizations which includes The Native American Journalists Association.



NABJ - National Association of Black Journalists

NAJA - Native American Journalists Association

NAHJ - National Association of Hispanic Journalists

Scholarships & Fellowships

Scholarships and fellowships for the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute include:

NYU Journalism-NABJ Scholarship

NYU Journalism-NAHJ Scholarship

NYU Journalism-NAJA Scholarship

Reuters-NABJ Graduate Fellowship (BER)

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Diversity Faculty Committee



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