Enrollment, Retention & Graduation Statistics


Fall 2015 Fall 2016 Fall 2017 Fall 2018
End-of-Term Enrollment in Major 295 308 260 233
Departing Seniors 99 124 114 n/a
Others 196 184 146 n/a
Graduation Rate (with Major) of Departing Seniors in next calendar year 88% 77% 85% n/a
Retention Rate (in Major) of Others through next End-of-Fall 85% 82% 81% n/a

NYU undergraduates are not required to declare a major until second semester of their sophomore year, and are allowed to shift majors in subsequent years. As such we do not have a distinct cohort to track from the freshman year.

Departing Seniors are defined as all seniors in an end-of-fall count of majors who do not appear in the next year’s end-of-fall count.

Students are required to complete a second major in addition to Journalism, chosen from the other academic programs in the College of Arts and Science.


Master’s outcomes by starting cohorts

2015 2016 2017 2018
Enrollment 126 121 118 121
Graduation Rates, on-time (eventual*) 83% (89%) 90% (96%) 88% (92%) n/a
Retention Rate** 94% 96% 97% n/a

At the Master’s level the Institute offers nine areas of study. Most MAs can be completed in three semesters (Fall, Spring, Fall) with the exception of the Literary Reportage program and the Global and Joint programs which typically require two years to complete.

*Eventual graduation includes all degrees granted by the second summer after a cohort’s expected graduation. For 18-month programs this counts degrees received up to 3 semesters beyond the expected graduation date. For 24-month programs, this reflects degrees granted up to 2 semesters beyond expected graduation date.

**Retention rate is calculated in the second summer after a cohort’s expected graduation and considers anyone who has not been enrolled for two consecutive semesters to be attrited.

Data source: Institutional Research, Office of the Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science.