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New York University
Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute

20 Cooper Square
Sixth Floor
New York, N.Y. 10003
Telephone: 212- 998-7980

Graduate Program Information
For information about the graduate program in Journalism, email Tom Cyrs at graduate.journalism@nyu.edu. General information and applications are available directly from the Graduate School of Arts & Science. Note: If you are applying by mail, application materials should be sent to GSAS directly, not the NYU Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute.

Undergraduate Program Information
For information about the undergraduate program in Journalism, email Don Starr at undergraduate.journalism@nyu.edu.

General Information
General information and admissions details are available from NYU Admissions.

Institute Director: Prof. Perri Klass
Associate Director: Prof. Stephen D. Solomon
e-mail: sds1@nyu.edu
Assistant to the Director: Andrea Rosenberg
Telephone: 212-998-7887
e-mail: andrea.rosenberg@nyu.edu
Director of Administration: Rose Sculley
Telephone: 212-998-8839
e-mail: rose.sculley@nyu.edu
Assistant to the Director of Administration: Cindy Mejia
Telephone: 212-992-9842
e-mail: cindy.mejia@nyu.edu
Director, Graduate Studies: Prof. Charles Seife
Telephone: 212- 998-7894
e-mail: charles.seife@nyu.edu
Director, Undergraduate Studies: Prof. Pamela Newkirk
Telephone: 212-998-7966
e-mail: pn1@nyu.edu
Business and Economic Reporting: Prof. Stephen Solomon
Telephone: 212- 998-7995
e-mail: stephen.solomon@nyu.edu
Cultural Reporting and Criticism: Prof. Katie Roiphe
Telephone: 212- 998-7587
e-mail: cultural.program@nyu.edu
Global and Joint Program Studies: Prof. Brooke Kroeger
Telephone: 212- 998-8002
e-mail: global.journalism@nyu.edu
Literary Reportage: Prof. Robert Boynton
Telephone: 212- 998-7594
e-mail: robert.boynton@nyu.edu
Magazine Writing: Prof. Meryl Gordon
Telephone: 212- 992-7497
e-mail: meryl@mindspring.com
News and Documentary: Prof. Marcia Rock
Telephone: 212- 998-7985
e-mail: marcia.rock@nyu.edu
Reporting New York and the Nation:
Prof. Yvonne Latty
Telephone: 212-998-8075
e-mail: yvonne.latty@nyu.edu
Science, Health and Environmental Reporting Program: Prof. Dan Fagin
Telephone: 212- 998-7971
e-mail: sherp.journalism@nyu.edu
Studio 20: Prof. Carol Sternhell
Telephone: 212-998-7999
e-mail: cs5@nyu.edu
Administrative Aide for Graduate Affairs: Tom Cyrs
Telephone: 212-998-7980
e-mail: tom.cyrs@nyu.edu
Career Services: Sylvan Solloway
Director of Career Services
Telephone: 212-992-7995
e-mail: sylvan.solloway@nyu.edu
Craigh Barboza
Career Services Specialist
Email: craigh.barboza@nyu.edu
Phone: 212-998-3837
Community Events and Initiative Specialist: Andrea Caldarise
Telephone: 212-998-8044
e-mail: a.caldarise@nyu.edu
Administrative Aide for Undergraduate Affairs: Donald A. Starr
Telephone: 212- 998-7994
e-mail: don.starr@nyu.edu
Undergraduate Student Services and Assessment: Cathleen Dullahan
Telephone: 212- 998-7996
e-mail: cd8@nyu.edu
Systems Coordinator: Michael Napolitano
Telephone: 212- 998-7974
e-mail: michael.napolitano@nyu.edu
Web Developer/Administrator: Garrett Gardner
Telephone: 212- 998-2111
e-mail: journalism.webmaster@nyu.edu
Broadcast Operations Manager: Adrian Mihai
Telephone: 212- 998-7615
e-mail: adrian.mihai@nyu.edu
Multimedia Specialist: Devin Curry
Telephone: 212- 992-6956
email: devin.curry@nyu.edu
Bedford + Bowery Editor at Large: Daniel Maurer
Telephone: 212- 992-7990
e-mail: danielm@nyu.edu

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