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NYU Journalism alumni are hired by top media companies around the world. In 2014, LinkedIn ranked NYU the #1 university for media professionals, based on alumni career placement. Check out some recent success stories below.

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Kellymarie Braun

MA 2018, Reporting the Nation and New York

After impressing her producers for two semesters as news desk intern at ABC NewsOne, Kellymarie was hired on as a freelance production associate.

Christina Cacouris

BA 2017

After graduating in May with internship experience and an extensive portfolio of freelance work, Christina utilized both social media and professional networks in her job search, impressing editors at V Magazine and accepting an offer to be their new assistant digital editor.

page-career-services-news-jones-reubenReuben Jones

MA 2015, Reporting the Nation and New York

Reuben accepted a video journalist/reporter position with Spectrum News in Charlotte, NC. Previously, he was a weekend anchor and reporter for WREX-TV in Rockford, IL.

Tommy Collison

BA 2017

Tommy accepted an offer to be a writer for The Tor Project, a non-profit organization that develops software to help people protect their privacy online.

Yamiche Alcindor

MA 2015, News and Documentary

Yamiche, a reporter for The New York Times, was featured in Essence Magazine’s “Voices of the New America” series. Yamiche’s work is praised for “shedding light on stories we may not always hear, but that are integral to the fabric of our nation.”

Mariana Fernandez

BA 2018

NYU Journalism junior Mariana placed 7th in the 2016-2017 Hearst Journalism Awards Enterprise Reporting competition. The Hearst Awards recognize outstanding undergraduate achievement across 14 categories. NYU Journalism career services selects 2 student submissions to compete in each category. Josephine’s stories were in competition with over 100 students across the country.

Josephine Luck

BA 2017

NYU Journalism senior Josephine Luck placed in the 2016-2017 Hearst Journalism Awards. Her stories, “Computing Your Commute” and “Cute, Fluffy, and Expensive: NYU Students with Pets”, placed 10th in the Television Features competition.

Greg Howard

MA 2011, Magazine

Forbes recently named Greg one of their “30 under 30” in Media. He currently reports for The New York Times Magazine as a David Carr Fellow.

Nieves Zuberbuhler

MA 2013, Global Journalism

Nieves won an Emmy Award in the “Best Investigative Report in a News Magazine” category for co-producing the 2-part 60 Minutes story “Confidential Informants.” The investigation exposed a widespread and little-known practice– the secretive recruitment of young people, often college students, as confidential informants in the war on drugs.

Erica Gonzales

BA 2016

Erica joined Harper’s Bazaar as an assistant digital editor following her successful spring internship.

page-career-services-news-whittaker-katieKatie Whittaker

MA 2016, Global Journalism

Katie’s spring internship at Saveur culminated in a job offer, and she began her new role as assistant digital editor after graduation in May.

page-career-services-news-zolkina-janeJane Zolkina

MA 2016, Reporting the Nation and New York

CNN’s “New Day” hired Jane as a production assistant after she impressed in her internship at CNN’s “Fareed Zakariah GPS.”

page-career-services-news-lartey-jamilesJamiles Lartey

MA 2015, Global Journalism

Jamiles, a reporter for The Guardian, was named the 2016 Emerging Journalist of the Year by the National Association of Black Journalists.

page-career-services-news-jones-reubenReuben Jones

MA 2015, Reporting the Nation and New York

Reuben impressed his producers at WREX-TV in Rockford, Illinois, and was promoted from multimedia journalist to weekend anchor.

page-career-services-news-la-jeunesse-marilynMarilyn La Jeunesse

BA 2015

Marilyn accepted an offer to be a Facebook editor at Mic, after meeting recruiters at the 2016 NYU Journalism Career Fair.

page-career-services-news-abou-sabe-kenziKenzi Abou-Sabe

BA 2016

Kenzi was accepted out of thousands of applicants for NBC’s prestigious News Associates program.

page-career-services-news-li-johannaJohanna Li

BA 2016

Johanna was hired as a digital reporter for Inside Edition after her fall production internship.

page-career-services-news-phillip-nicoleNicole Phillip

BA 2015

As media content lead for ABC News election coverage, Nicole manages all incoming election video content for the network.

page-career-services-news-morel-francinaFrancina Morel

BA 2012

Condé Nast Traveler hired Francina as associate social media editor after meeting her at the 2016 NYU Journalism Career Fair.

page-career-services-news-wong-carinaCarina Wong

BA 2015

Carina met the VICE on HBO team at the 2015 NYU Journalism Career Fair, and after accepting a production assistant position, she returned to recruit NYU Journalism talent in 2016.

page-career-services-news-wrigley-rakeeshaRakeesha Wrigley

MA 2016, Reporting the Nation and New York

CNBC pegged Rakeesha for a production associate role with their long form unit shortly after her successful internship there.

page-career-services-news-silver-calebCaleb Silver

MA 1997, News and Documentary

After more than 20 years producing broadcast news, digital video programming, documentaries and live events – most recently at CNN – Caleb moved to Investopedia as Vice President of Content.

Kyli Singh

MA 2015, Studio 20

Kyli is an associate editor at HuffPost Labs, where she works closely with newsroom editors to develop content and products in line with HuffPost’s DNA.

Phylicia Ashley

BA 2016

Phylicia will be an on-air reporter for WJFW in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.

Josh Azar

BA 2015

After graduating last spring, Josh got his start as a reporter for MandateWire, a Financial Times publication.

Molly O’Toole

MA 2011, Global Journalism

Molly is covering the 2016 election as senior reporter for Foreign Policy.

Brittany Mania

BA 2015

With two NBC News internships under her belt, Brittany was hired as a researcher for “Weekend TODAY.”

Madeline Welsh

MA 2016, Studio 20

Madeline returned for the 2016 NYU Journalism Career Fair to represent Guardian News & Media, where she is associate editor of the Guardian Mobile Innovation Lab.

Justin Slaughter

MA 2016, Cultural Reporting and Criticism

Justin signed on to be a reporter for Real Estate Capital.

Zoe Slemmons

BA 2015

Zoe was promoted from freelancer to full-time news assistant at NY1 News.