For Employers

Welcome to the Career Services Office of the NYU Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute. NYU journalism students and alumni are eager and ready to go to work for you. PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY BEFORE POSTING AN INTERNSHIP OR JOB:

Posting Your Job Opening

Using the Job posting form here you can post JOBS, INTERNSHIPS (JOURNALISM ONLY), MEDIA-RELATED JOBS or CONTRIBUTOR REQUESTS. NYU Journalism must approve each posting. (Some postings will go out as emails to our students instead of on this site.) For questions about your job posting, email

We will NOT approve or POST internships in advertising, public relations, marketing, promotions, business, media relations or communications. Instead, submit your listing to NYU’s Wasserman Center for Career Development. There you can create a posting that will be available to the entire NYU student body.

Additionally, we WON’T APPROVE “INTERNSHIPS” that don’t meet the Journalism Institute’s academic standards. (Students must be doing editorial or news production duties, cannot do work with individuals, and should not be asked to work more than two days a week. The interns must have proper supervision. Academic credit is only granted for work in spring, summer and fall semesters — not between semesters.) Please read the government’s guidelines on internships here.

If you want someone to FREELANCE OR CONTRIBUTE CONTENT please select “CONTRIBUTOR REQUEST” not “INTERNSHIP.” State if contributions are paid or unpaid.  If you have a full-time paid position that is not within a journalism outlet, please select MEDIA-RELATED JOB.

Thank you for submitting your posting. We keep listings up for six months, unless you ask us to remove yours sooner.  If approved, your posting will either go to the web and/or to our listserv.


The Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute cannot post or approve unpaid internships with individuals for academic credit.  Internships must take place within a newsroom setting for a media organization whose paid editorial/production staffing is determined by the Institute to be sufficient for a supervised training opportunity. Credit internships with start-ups can be considered if they meet staffing criteria and have content available for evaluation.

Ethical Standards

The Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute does not approve of interns taking meals, event tickets or other gifts in exchange for positive reviews or pieces. Interns should be working on editorial content that is not part of marketing, sales or public relations. Interns should not be asked to misrepresent themselves in order to gain information, or to plagiarize or write pieces that appear entirely under someone else’s byline. The Institute reserves the right to evaluate ethical practices of each employer and terminate internships if ethics concerns are not addressed.

Credit Internship Program

Students who have completed most of their journalism coursework may do internships for credit through the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute. The institute gives credit for editorial internships only—no PR, advertising or marketing jobs. Credit interns must work at least 10 hours a week (no more than two days per week in the spring or fall). Their internships should be timed to coincide closely with our fall, spring or summer semesters. Students send reports to the director of Career Services, and they also write an internship review for future interns to read. Toward the end of the semester the employer receives an evaluation form to assess the credit intern’s performance—that’s the only paperwork we’ll ask of you.  We will send employers a credit letter if a student registers with us for academic credit. These will come from our office, not from students.

Salary Transparency

NYC Law requires that employers with over four (4) employees advertising jobs in New York City must provide a pay range / compensation information in their job listings. Pay ranges, hourly or salary, must have a numerical minimum and maximum. If pay is fixed (there is no range), then simply provide the fixed pay amount. Please see the NYC Salary Transparency Factsheet for more details.

Contact Info

Craigh Barboza
Career Services Specialist
Room 647
Phone: 212-998-3837

Sylvan Solloway Carrera
Director of Career Services
Room 656
Phone: 212-992-9665/7995