Credit Internship Course

Journalism internships are a way for students to extend their education beyond the classroom and gain valuable real-world experience that might lead to a career.

Credit internships must involve journalistic training under proper supervision in the editorial or production department of an established news organization.

If you are taking a credit internship, you must enroll in the internship course offered by NYU Journalism. Most students have a maximum of 4 internship credits to use during their studies. The internship class is available for variable credit. At the time of registration, students can elect to earn 1, 2, 3 or 4 credits for the course.

During the coronavirus pandemic, NYU Journalism will grant credit for remote internships, but will not grant credit for experiential learning in public relations, communications, marketing, advertising, or at talk shows or entertainment television shows. Internships that only involve work in the fashion or beauty closet of a magazine/outlet are also ineligible for academic credit.

Undergraduate students: Internship credits are applied to your overall CAS degree requirements. They do not count toward your major.

Graduate students: Check your program for internship requirements. BER students contact Annalyn Kurtz. SHERP students contact Rene Ebersole.

If you have any additional questions please email and


Internship Registration