Fellowships & Annual Programs

This lists annual opportunities with varying deadlines. We update it as new deadlines are available. Please also see our internships and jobs pages for recent postings.


Albritton Journalism Institute 

Washington, D.C.

Length: 18 months

Eligibility: Early career journalists interested in policy and politics

Deadline: March 4, 2024


Al Día News (Félix Varela Fellowship)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Start Date: July 10, 2023

Eligibility: United States resident with a Bachelor’s degree in journalism, media, communications, or a related field. There is a strong preference for bilingual candidates in Spanish.

Deadline: April 3, 2023


The Alicia Patterson Foundation

Washington, D.C.

Length: 1 year or 6 months

Deadline: Nov. 1, 2022


American Society of Magazine Editors

New York, Washington, D.C.

Length: Summer (10 weeks)

Eligibility: Rising juniors and seniors. Usually have extensive experience working on local magazines, newspapers, and college publications.

Deadline: Jan. 5, 2024


APSA Congressional Fellowships for Journalists

Washington, D.C.

Length: 1 year

Eligibility: Print and broadcast journalists with a bachelor’s degree and two to ten years of professional experience in writing, reporting, editing, producing, or directing. Preference is given to individuals with a background in political reporting.

Deadline: NA


Asian American Writers’ Workshop

New York 

Length: 1 year

Eligibility: Looking for writers to write engaging narratives about issues including gentrification, labor, and community policing.

Deadline: Oct. 15, 2023


Associated Press

Various locations, including New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago

Length: 12 weeks

Eligibility: Juniors, seniors, graduate students, and recent college graduates.

Deadline: Check back in December 2022 for internships during 2023.


Association for Women in Sports Media Internships

Various locations

Eligibility: Full-time undergraduate (sophomores and above) or graduate students. 

Deadline: Oct. 16, 2022


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Summer Internship

Atlanta, GA

Length: 10 weeks

Eligibility: Rising juniors, seniors, or graduate students

Deadline: Oct. 15 for spring 2023

Deadline: Oct. 1, 2022 for summer 2023 

Deadline: June 1, 2023 for fall 2023


Bartley Fellowships at Dow Jones

New York

Length: 10-weeks

Eligibility: Juniors, seniors or recent graduates

Deadline: Nov. 28, 2022 

Summer 2023 – Arts Criticism Internship

Summer 2023 – Books Criticism Internship

Summer 2023 – Opinion Internship

Summer 2022 – Social Media Internship



New York

Length: 12 weeks

Eligibility: Requirements vary depending on internship

Deadline: Oct. 24, 2022



The Boston Globe

Boston, MA

Length: 12 weeks

Eligibility: Seniors, grad students with no professional experience. 

Deadline: Nov. 1, 2022


The Boston Globe (Co-op Program) 

Boston, MA 

Eligibility: Full-time undergraduate students with a minimum of one semester of school remaining at the time of the co-op assignment. Ability to work full-time 37.5 hours per week. Minimum GPA 3.0.

Deadline: Application due on March 1 for July to December

Deadline: Application due on Oct. 15 for January through June 


BuzzFeed Fellowships

New York, Los Angeles or remote

Length: 9 months (full-time)

Deadline: N/A

BuzzFeed – Breaking News Fellow

BuzzFeed – Culture Fellow

BuzzFeed – Entertainment News Fellow

BuzzFeed – Health Fellow


The Carter Center

Length: 1 year 

Eligibility: Have at least three years of professional experience in journalism

Deadline: April 7, 2024 


Chalkbeat Reporting Internship

New York, NY

Eligibility: Undergraduate or graduate students

Deadline: Aug. 26, 2022


Chicago Tribune

Chicago, IL

Length: 6 months

Eligibility: Juniors, seniors and graduate students with previous internships. Candidates must have completed at least one internship at a daily news organization other than their college paper.

Deadline: Oct. 1, 2022 (rolling after)


Chips Quinn Scholars

Various locations

Status: On hiatus

Length: Spring and summer (10-12 weeks)

Eligibility: Juniors, seniors and graduate students.

Deadline: N/A


The Christian Science Monitor

Boston, MA

Eligibility: Undergraduate and graduate students

Deadline: Spring (January through the third week of May): Oct. 15, 2022

Deadline: Summer (May 30 to Aug. 11): Jan. 15, 2023

Deadline: Fall (September through December): May 15, 2023


The Dallas Morning News

Dallas, TX, Washington, DC

Length: Summer (10-12 weeks)

Eligibility: Must be enrolled in college or have graduated 6 months prior to the internship start date.

Deadline: Oct. 29, 2022


The Daniel Pearl Investigative Journalism Initiative

Various locations depending on the project

Status: DPIJI is not accepting applicants at this time.

Eligibility: Must be between the ages of 22 and 38.


Deadline Club Scholarship Program

New York, NY

Eligibility: Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in journalism or journalism-oriented communications programs in the New York City metropolitan area.

Deadline: March 16, 2022


Democracy Now! Digital Fellowship

New York, NY

Length: 1 year

Eligibility: Underrepresented early-career journalists and digital media professionals.

Deadline: Nov. 10 for Video News Production Fellowship

Deadline: TBA for other positions


The Denver Post

New York, NY

Length: Summer (10 weeks)

Eligibility: Junior, seniors and graduate students. Interns will work as news or features reporters and photojournalists.

Deadline: Oct. 31, 2022


Documented – Isaac Rauch Fellowship

New York, NY

Length: Six Months

Eligibility: Journalist interested in uncovering stories that matter to immigrant New Yorkers

Deadline: May 19, 2023 (11:59 p.m. EST)


Dow Jones News Fund (Audience Engagement, Business Reporting, Data Journalism, Digital Media or Multiplatform Editing)

Various locations

Length: Summer (10 weeks)

Eligibility: Sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students enrolled in school full-time as of Nov. 14. 2022. This includes December graduates.

Deadline: Nov. 14, 2022


The Economist

New York

Length: 1 year

Eligibility: All applicants must have pre-existing U.S. work authorization.

Deadline: Aug. 28, 2022


E&E News

Washington, D.C. (remote)

Length: 6 months

Eligibility: Reporters with a year or two of experience or outstanding recent graduates

Deadline: N/A


Emma Bowen Foundation 

Length: 8 weeks 

Eligibility: Students of color with a 3.0 GPA 

Deadline: Jan. 4, 2023 


ESPN Stuart Scott Internship

Bristol, CT

Length: 10 weeks

Eligibility: Undergraduate and graduate students

Deadline: Feb. 28, 2022


Fellowships at Auschwitz for the Study of Professional Ethics (FASPE)

Fellows visit Auschwitz and other sites in Germany and Poland

Length: 2 weeks 

Eligibility: Must have some journalistic experience — whether in a college newsroom or otherwise — and be enrolled in a graduate program of any kind and planning to work as a journalist, or be working as a journalist with less than 10 years of professional experience. 

Deadline: Jan. 3, 2023


Fellowship Institute for Journalists: Decolonizing the Representation of Muslim Women in The Media


Dates: Fall 2022 to December 2023

Eligibility: Graduate students in schools of journalism and communication and  early career professionals within five years of degree completion

Deadline: Aug. 30, 2022


Gannett – USA Today Network

Various locations

Length: Year-round

Eligibility: Students currently enrolled and preferably seeking a Bachelor’s degree in communication, Journalism, or an equivalent combination of experience and education. Students must have completed one year of college. Preference given to more advanced students. Students completed undergraduate work also are accepted.

Deadline: Rolling


Google News Initiative Fellowship

Various locations

Eligibility: Female students majoring in any form of journalism.

Deadline: Oct. 14, 2022


Grist Fellowship

Seattle, WA

Length: February 2023 to February 2024

Eligibility: Recent graduates

Deadline:  Dec. 19, 2022


The Gulf States Newsroom 

Birmingham, Alabama

Length: 1 year

Eligibility: Journalists with a bachelor’s degree and some experience in writing and reporting, and an interest in audio, sports and culture

Compensation: $47,500

Application deadline: July 5, 2023


Hawaii Society of Professional Journalists

Various locations in Hawaii

Length: Summer (8-10 weeks)

Eligibility: Hawaii residents enrolled in college (sophomore or higher), or students enrolled in a Hawaiian college or university.

Deadline: Updated information will be posted in Dec. 2022


The Houston Chronicle

Houston, TX

Length: Summer (10 weeks)

Eligibility: Juniors and seniors

Deadline: Nov. 23, 2022


Howard Foundation

Various locations

Dates: June 2023 – August 2023

Eligibility: Sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students

Deadline: Priority – Oct. 15, 2022

Deadline: Final – Dec. 1, 2022


Ida B. Wells Fellowship

New York, NY

Length: 1 year

Eligibility: Open to entry-level or mid-career journalists

Deadline: March 12, 2022


Insider Inc.

Fully remote, but options to work in New York, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles, the U.K., Singapore

Length: 6 months (starting in January and June or July of each year)

Eligibility: Recent college graduates, but there is no education requirement or age cutoff.

Deadline: Open until positions are filled


Lee Ester News Fellowship at Wisconsin Public Radio 

Madison, WI

Length: 9 months

Eligibility: Recent graduates or early career journalists

Deadline: Application period currently closed


The Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles, CA

Dates: Summer (begins in June) or Spring (begins in January and March)

Eligibility: Recent undergraduate and graduate students.

Deadline: Nov. 15, 2022


The Los Angeles Times Fellowship

Los Angeles, CA

Eligibility: Juniors, seniors, graduate students and recent graduates

Deadline: Feb. 1, 2023


MacDowell Fall Residency Program

Peterborough, NH

Dates: Sept. 1, 2023 – Feb. 29, 2024

Eligibility: The sole criterion for acceptance is artistic excellence.

Deadline: Jan. 1, 2023


McClatchy, Inc.

McClatchy newspaper locations

Dates: Year-round

Eligibility: Requirements may vary

Deadline: Varies


McGraw Fellowship for Business Journalism

Varies based on project

Terms: Summer and winter

Eligibility: Working journalists with at least 5 years of experience

Deadline: Sept. 30, 2023 for Fall 2023

Deadline: March 31, 2023 for Spring 2023


The Miami Herald

Miami, FL

Length: Summer (10 weeks)

Eligibility: Undergraduate and graduate students

Deadline: Oct. 29, 2022


The Minneapolis Star Tribune

Minneapolis, MN

Length: Summer (10 weeks)

Eligibility: Junior, seniors and graduate students

Deadline: Rolling


Moment Magazine

Washington, DC

Dates: Year-round

Eligibility: Early career journalists

Deadline: Rolling


Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI)

Moss Landing, CA

Length: 2 years

Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree is required. A focus on multimedia journalism or science communication is preferred

Deadline: Monday, February 5, 2024


Mother Jones – The Ben Bagdikian Fellowship

San Francisco, CA, Washington, DC

Dates: 1 year, starting in June 2024

Eligibility: Recent graduates. Those who are still in school or are only available part-time are not eligible, nor can fellowships be used for course credit. 

Deadline: March 24th at 11:59PM PT.


Type Media Center (formerly The Nation)

New York City or Washington, D.C.

Dates: Year-round

Eligibility: Seniors, graduate students and recent graduates

Deadline: Rolling. Fellows are considered on a quarterly basis.


National Journalism Center

Remote for spring, in Washington, D.C. for summer

Length: Jan 23, 2023 – April 14, 2023 for the spring; summer dates coming soon

Eligibility: Aspiring conservative journalists

Deadline: Rolling


National Public Radio – NPR

Washington, D.C., Culver City, CA, New York, NY, Chicago, IL, Boston, MA

Eligibility: Undergraduate and graduate students

Deadline: Varies


NBC News Associates Program

New York, NY

Dates: 1 year

Eligibility: Recent graduates

Deadline: N/A


Nieman Foundation

Cambridge, MA

Eligibility: Journalists looking to advance the field of journalism 

Length: No more than 12 weeks 


New Jersey Newspaper Foundation

Various locations in New JerseyLength: Summer (8 weeks)

Eligibility: New Jersey residents currently enrolled in school, or students attending a New Jersey college or university.

Deadline: Jan. 13, 2023


New Jersey Press Foundation

2023 Jules Plangere & Isaac Roth Summer Internship

Various locations in New Jersey

Eligibility: These popular paid summer internships are offered to residents of New Jersey attending a college inside or outside the state or a resident of another state attending college in New Jersey.

Deadline: Jan. 13, 2023

2023 Jules Plangere Summer Internship Application Form

2023 Isaac Roth Media/Business Internship Application Form


The New York Times Corps

New York, NY

Eligibility: Open to the classes of 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2026. The Times Corps specifically targets students in the United States from underrepresented groups, such as students of color and/or students from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Deadline: June 15, 2023


The New York Times Newsroom Fellowship

New York City, San Francisco, CA, Washington, D.C., London

Length: 1 year starting in June

Eligibility: Journalists with some experience, recent college graduates and graduate students

Deadline: Dec. 2, 2022


Nova Institute for Health Media Fellowship

Baltimore, MD

Eligibility: Ideal applicants are full-time journalists with established records of publication or broadcast in local, regional, or national markets or among targeted audiences or constituencies and have relevant full-time experience.

Deadline: July 5, 2023 at 11:59 pm ET


The O’Brien Fellowship in Public Service Journalism 

Milwaukee, WI

Dates: 9 months

Eligibility: At least five years of professional experience (international journalists are welcome to apply)

Deadline: Dec. 1, 2022 and Jan. 20, 2023 for the 2023-24 fellowships.


Orlando Sentinel

Orlando, FL

Dates: Spring, summer, or fall (10 weeks)

Eligibility: Undergraduate and graduate students

Deadline: Rolling


Overseas Press Club (OPC) Foundation Scholarships

New York, NY

Eligibility: Undergraduate and graduate students

Deadline: Dec. 1, 2022



Length: 6 months 

Eligibility: some background in journalism and a deep love of music who is interested in learning the ropes of working at a digital publication


Politico Internships 

Politico Journalism Institute

New York, NY, Sacramento, CA, Washington, D.C.

Dates: Year-round

Eligibility: Various requirements 

Deadline: Various (New York Summer 2023 deadline Dec. 18, 2022)


ProPublica Fellowships

Various locations

Dates: Year-round

Eligibility: Undergraduate and graduate students

Deadline: Various


Pulliam Journalism Fellowship

Phoenix, AZ

Length: 10 weeks

Eligibility: College juniors, seniors and graduate students enrolled in a journalism or related degree program

Dates of fellowship: June 3-Aug. 9, 2024 

Deadline: Jan. 18, 2024


The Reporters Committee Legal Fellowships

Washington, D.C.

Dates: Fall, spring, and summer internships

Eligibility: Juniors, seniors, and recent graduates

Deadline: Applications are open from July 15 to Oct. 1 for the following year


Report for America

Various locations

Dates: Begins July 10, 2023

Eligibility: Corps members are typically emerging journalists with fewer than 8 years of experience. For 2021-2022, we’re piloting a small group of mid-to late-career corps members. Finalists will be contacted in February, and will learn in March whether a newsroom has selected them as its RFA corps member.

Deadline: Jan. 30, 2023


Reuters Journalism Program

Various locations and countries

Dates: 9 months

Eligibility: Senior and graduate students

Deadline: Rolling


Robert Novak Journalism Fellowships

Varies, depending on project

Eligibility: Working journalists with less than 10 years of professional experience. Full-time and part-time awards with quarterly writing installments.

Deadline: April 14, 2022


Rosalynn Carter Fellowships for Mental Health

Eligibility: Working journalists with at least 3 years of professional experience. Awards  non-residential fellowships to journalists from the United States, Colombia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates to report on a mental health topic of their choice.

Deadline: April 6, 2022


The Seattle Times Internships

Seattle, WA

Dates: Summer (10 weeks)

Eligibility: Sophomore, juniors, seniors and graduate students

Deadline: Several positions open for the summer 2023 internship program.



Sirius XM Radio (Early Career Program including Internships) 

Various locations

Dates: Summer, fall, and spring programs (13-14 weeks)

Eligibility: Undergraduate and graduate students

Deadline: Rolling


Smithsonian Magazine

Washington, D.C.

Dates: Six months, full-time internships (Jan. – June, July – Dec.)

Eligibility: Recent graduates and graduate students

Deadline: Nov. 15, 2022


Society of Professional Journalists Pulliam/Kilgore Freedom of Information

Washington D.C. or Indianapolis, IN

Dates: Summer (10 weeks)

Eligibility: Seniors, recent graduates, graduate students, or law students with journalism background

Deadline: May 6, 2022


South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Dates: Summer (10 weeks)

Eligibility: Current college students or recent graduates

Deadline: Dec. 15, 2022


Sports Journalism Institute

Various locations

Dates: May 31, 2023 – June 6, 2023

Eligibility: Sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students with prior internship experience

Deadline: Nov. 19, 2022


Stigler Center Journalists in Residence Fellowship

Dates: March 11 – June 1, 2024

Eligibility: Journalists with some years of media experience

Deadline: October 15, 2023


Tampa Bay Times Internships

Tampa Bay or St. Petersburg, FL

Length: Summer (10 weeks)

Eligibility: Juniors, seniors and graduate students with prior internship experience

Deadline: Nov. 1, 2022


Television Academy Foundation

Los Angeles, CA

The Foundation offers hands-on learning experiences with professionals at the top of their game in the television industry. Television Academy Foundation interns are placed at studios, networks, and production companies across the entertainment industry where they receive direct mentorship and access to industry practices, processes, and opportunities for professional networking.

Eligibility: Undergraduate and graduate students

Deadline: Jan. 19, 2023



The Texas Tribune Student Fellowships

Austin, TX or Washington, D.C.

Eligibility: Undergraduate and graduate students

Deadline: Various


Tulsa World

Tulsa, OK

Dates: Summer (10 weeks)

Eligibility: Undergraduate and graduate students

Deadline: Nov. 4, 2022


Type Investigations & Type Media Center

New York, NY

Status: On pause

Eligibility: Seniors, graduate students and recent graduates


UC Berkeley 

Berkeley, CA

Eligibility: Three published or aired work samples

Deadline: Jan. 31, 2024


University of Chicago Booth School of Business 

Chicago, IL

Length: 12 weeks 

Eligibility: Journalists with some years of media experience


USA Basketball 

Length: 1 year

Eligibility: Junior, senior or graduate student in journalism, communications or a related field

How to apply: Email resume, track preference (profiles or beats), references and three writing/publication samples to USA Basketball Communications (communications@usabasketball.com) with subject line “WRITERS.”

Deadline: Dec. 1, 2023


USC Annenberg National Health Journalism Fellowships

Los Angeles, CA

Dates: 10 weeks

Eligibility: Early career journalists. There is a preference for applicants who have a minimum of three years of professional journalism experience, and reporters pursuing collaborative projects between news outlets.

Deadline: Jan. 13, 2023


The Virginian-Pilot Internships

Norfolk, VA

Length: Year-round

Eligibility: Juniors, seniors and graduate students

Deadline: Spring (Dec. 31, 2022)

Deadline: Summer (Nov. 11, 2022)

Deadline: Fall (March 31, 2023)


Vox Media Writing Fellowships

Washington, D.C.

Dates: 1 year

Eligibility: Early-career journalists

Deadline: Rolling


Vox Media Future perfect Fellowship


Length: 1 year

Eligibility: Journalists with newsroom experience 

Deadline: Dec. 29, 2023 


The Wall Street Journal

Length: 2 years 

Eligibility: Up to one year of journalism experience, including newsroom internships

Deadline: April 19 at 11:59 p.m. ET


The Washington Post Internships

Washington, D.C.

Dates: Summer (12 weeks)

Eligibility: Juniors, seniors, and graduate students with internship experience

Deadline: Oct. 5, 2022



Washington, D.C, Maryland, Virginia

Eligibility: Must be Available to work full time Monday through Friday


Wesleyan University (Koeppel Fellowship) 

Middletown, CT

Eligibility: academic and professional experience in journalism. Candidates must have at least a master’s degree in journalism (or related field) in hand by the time of appointment 

Deadline: January 15, 2024 



New York

Length: 2 years

Eligibility: early-career journalists with some professional training or education in journalism. Preference will be given to applicants who are residents of New York City and graduates of the CUNY system.

Dates: TBD

Deadline: TBD