Undergraduate Student Resources

Journalism Handbook

Whether you are planning to major in journalism or are already pursuing a journalism degree, the Institute’s Journalism Handbook for Students provides a comprehensive overview of journalistic ethics, law, and best practices.

The Journalism Faculty created this handbook to address issues that might arise during the course of a semester. Whenever an ethical or legal issue arises, students should review this handbook, consult with a professor or both. The best defense against crossing ethical or legal lines is openness and honesty.

Academic Planning

Degree Progress Report

Once you have declared your journalism major, the Degree Progress Report is a useful Albert tool for determining which graduation requirements you have met and which still need to be fulfilled. It’s also a good idea to check your Degree Progress Report regularly as it’s the university’s official record of where you are in terms of completing your degree requirements.

Journalism Course Planning Worksheets

Use these simple worksheets (available as Google Sheets or Google Docs) to plan out the courses you need for the journalism major or minors:

Journalism Major

Journalism Minors

Note: These sheets are “view only.” To use them, you can either go to “File > Make a copy” and save a copy to your own NYU Google Drive, or you can download them as Microsoft Excel / Word documents.

Course Registration and Registration Clearance

Students who have declared the journalism major usually need to be cleared by the Undergraduate Advisor Abigail Winn in order to register each semester.

In order to be cleared, you’ll need to fill out a Journalism Course Planning Form. You’ll use this form to tell the department advisor about what classes you plan to take and share any questions or concerns you might have. It’s most important for you to share information about what journalism classes you plan to take, but you can share information about other courses if you like. You’re also welcome to schedule an advising appointment with the department advisor through NYU Connect to discuss your plans, although this is not required. Once you’ve been cleared for registration in Albert, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

If you are minoring in journalism or if you are already cleared to register by your other major department, we still encourage you to fill out the Journalism Course Planning Form to share your plans. You’ll be able to indicate in the form whether you require registration clearance or not.

Academic Support

In addition to the Journalism Institute’s Undergraduate Advisor Abigail Winn, there are many resources available across NYU to support you academically:

Academic Resource Center

The university’s Academic Resource Center (ARC) is the central place for you to get more information about the range of academic support services available at NYU.

CAS Writing Center

The College of Arts and Science’s Expository Writing Program has a Writing Center that offers tutoring provided by faculty as well as experienced peer tutors.

Undergraduate Journalism Directory

In addition to the faculty and staff here at the Journalism Institute, your fellow students can be some of your best resources. Use the Undergraduate Journalism Directory to connect with NYU Journalism majors and minors who share your interests and are engaged in activities you want to learn more about.

Maybe you’re thinking about studying away, but you want to talk to a student who has already taken journalism electives at the site you’re considering. Or maybe you’re interested in our Honors Program, but you want to get the inside scoop from a current Honors student. Whatever the case, your fellow students have insights and passions to share with you.

A few things to note about the Directory:

    • The Directory is a Google Sheet that is “view only” and is only accessible to members of the NYU community. You must be logged into your NYU Gmail account to access the Directory.
    • NYU Journalism students decide whether they want to share their information through the directory and can request to have their information removed at any time.
    • Questions about the Directory? Email undergraduate.journalism@nyu.edu.