2014 - Fall

Journalism & Society: Covering the Earth

Course Number: JOUR-UA 503, section 003

Day & Time: Tuesday 10:00am-1:00pm

Location: 20 Cooper Square, room 653

Instructor: Dan Fagin

Environmental journalism is hot again, and not only because the climate is warming – though that helps. As web-based platforms increasingly dominate mass media, what specific forms should the “new” environmental journalism take? This class will begin by tracing the development of traditional environmental journalism from John Muir to John McPhee and will then look closely at how the field is adapting to a fast-changing media landscape. With the help of guests and timely readings, we will confront thorny questions about environmental advocacy, citizen media, issue framing, risk balancing and the scientific process. And yes, we will produce stories that matter on the biggest news beat of all. This advanced seminar will include intensive journalistic writing assignments, as well as extensive readings for in-class discussion.