2015 - Spring

Journalistic Inquiry: The Written Word

Course Number: JOUR-UA 101.005

Day & Time: Tues/Thur 10:00am-11:50am

Location: 20 Cooper, room 654

Instructor: Mary W. Quigley


Prerequisites: JOUR-UA 501 Investigating Journalism

This is the first-level reporting, research and writing course, which emphasizes in-depth research and interviewing technique as it introduces a variety of journalistic forms, including the reported essay, the newspaper pyramid style, magazine and newspaper feature style and broadcast newswriting style. The course focuses heavily on the critical and impartial examination of issues through research and reporting. Research methodology is key, as are observation and interview preparation and techniques. Research and reporting projects will include interviews, off- and on-line research, including books, government and non-governmental documents, interviews and databases, scholarly journals and other sources. This course provides a strong foundation in basic journalistic forms, issues and responsibilities.

In this skills course, we will explore the world around us and look for stories beneath the surface. This section of Journalistic Inquiry is a fun, eye-opening journey to build a foundation for covering news and features with passion and creativity.

Bring a curious mind to this class as we cover news around the city. To get solid stories, let’s take the news and break it down. Analyze it and find experts and primary sources to bring our stories to life and give them a human dimension with telling quotes, anecdotes and thoughtful yet objective writing.


This will be a hands-on course aimed at making you confident multi-platform journalists, ready to take on assignments for print, TV and the Internet.  Along the way, you will meet and interview newsmakers and characters from the worlds of business, fashion, media and more in the classroom and field.

You will prepare for assignments and group interviews in advance. Stay on top of your email – I will act as an assignment manager, updating us on what’s planned for class and how to get ready.

As we venture where the news takes us, you will get a taste for whether you like this profession and are well-suited for it. This class holds a mirror to a working world you will soon enter.

These days, most journalism jobs require you to be well-versed in all media. Consider this class a hearty buffet from which we will get a sampling of spot news and feature reporting for print, radio, TV and the Internet.

Today you are students and you are journalists.  Enjoy the ride.