2015 - Spring

Political Cinema

Course Number: JOUR-GA 1182.004

Day & Time: Monday, 10:00am-1:40pm

Location: 657

Instructor: Shimon Dotan

In contemporary war, “the other” is viewed not only as an enemy to be fought but, often, as one to be eliminated. How do journalists and filmmakers fight against (or, alternately, reinforce) such deadly representations? This class will focus primarily (though not exclusively) on one of the world’s most conflict-ridden regions–the Middle East–though it will also explore films from Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, and the United States. Through journalistic readings and film screenings, we will explore how “the other” is constructed: politically, aesthetically, ethically. This class is designed for anyone interested in contemporary politics and history, especially those of the Mideast; the journalism of conflict and violence, and the ethical questions associated with them; filmmaking; and film criticism.

NewsDoc and CRC priority.