2015 - Spring

Studio Two

Course Number: JOUR-GA 1182.002

Day & Time: Monday, 4:00pm-10:00pm

Location: Room 652

Instructor: Ruth Spencer

In Studio Two, students in the Studio 20 program, and others who request to take the course and receive permission from the instructors, tackle one large project in web development: as a team.  The project chosen will vary from term to term, but it always be an adventure in web journalism, and it will always have a media partner– typically a news organization or existing journalism site that wants to do something new or collaborate with Studio 20 on an extension of its current editorial presence.

Students participate in all phases of the project: background research, news ecosystem analysis, technology assessment, design and conception, prototyping, editorial work flow, content production, testing, launch, feedback and adjustment, de-bugging, iteration and evaluation.  They collaborate actively and in person with the media partner.  They learn to divide up tasks and coordinate the different parts of the project.  They try to push the envelope and do something effective but also innovative in web journalism that meets the partner’s goals, works for the users and adds to the reputation of Studio 20.

Studio Two is a required course for students in the Studio 20 concentration. A limited number of spaces are available for students in other programs and disciplines, especially if they bring skills to the project that the project needs.  Permission of instructor is required.  Contact Professor Jay Rosen if you are interested in being added to the course.  Professor Rosen is particularly seeking students with knowledge of graphic design for the web, all aspects of web production, computer programming, or expertise in the wordpress.com content management system.


Open to Studio20 students only.