2016 - Fall

Elective Reporting Topics: Writing News Analysis

Course Number: JOUR-UA 204, section 001

Day & Time: Tues 3:30pm-6:00pm

Location: 20 Cooper Square, room 654

Instructor: Mohamad Bazzi

Prerequisite: JOUR-UA 101 Journalistic Inquiry

This course examines the news analysis form. We will look at how research and reporting can be presented with some authority to write short-form analytical articles based on significant news events: op-eds, news analysis, book reviews, and explanatory context pieces. This is not a class in opinion writing or polemics. You will learn to write clearly and concisely, and to produce analytical stories on deadline. You will aspire to bring the context and depth of an area specialist, and turn that knowledge into convincing argument and memorable writing. These are skills you will need to master no matter what medium you work in—newspapers, websites, magazines, TV or radio—and whether you aspire to report on local, national or international topics. You will write a range of pieces, from an 800-word op-ed to a reported explanatory or analytical final article of about 1,500 words. You can write on local, national or international subjects.