2018 - Fall

Master Class in Documentary

Course Number: JOUR-GA 2004 (Class number 3077)

Day & Time: Tuesday, 6:20-9:00 pm

Location: 721 Broadway Rm 944

Cross-listing for NYU Tisch course OART-GT 2702. Open to 3rd semester News and Documentary students only (total of 5 seats available)

This course, while not a production class, is designed to give students the opportunity to learn each stage of the documentary filmmaking process from the best working professionals in their field. Each week we will watch a documentary and meet someone who had a pivotal role in the making of that documentary. Our guests will include producers, directors, cinematographers, sound engineers, editors, writers, film composers and sound mixers. These professionals will share their experience and expertise with the class and answer questions about their work thereby providing a foundation of insight into the decisions, tools and skills that go into the making of good documentaries. Class discussions will explore the creative and technical decisions involved in the making the film.