2018 - Spring

Advanced Reporting: Data Journalism (print track)

Course Number: JOUR-UA 301.001

Day & Time: Mon 10:00am-1:40pm

Location: 20CS, Room 750

Instructor: Meredith Broussard

Prerequisites: Investigating Journalism, The Beat

This is the Capstone course. Subject matter varies from section to section, but the basic skeleton of the course is the same across sections: the emphasis is on development of the ability to produce writing and reporting within a sophisticated longform story structure. The course involves query writing, topic research and reading, interviewing, and repeated drafts and rewrites, leading to a full-length piece of writing aimed at a publishable level and the ability of the student to present the reporting orally

In this class, students will learn the fundamentals of reporting with data and will learn how to find stories in numbers. The final reported project will be a longform piece that incorporates data analysis.