2018 - Spring: A Dangerous Mix: How Writers, Poets, Musicians, Photographers are Remaking Journalism

Day & Time: Thurs 3:00pm-6:00pm
Location: 7th Floor Library (room 700)
Course ID: JOUR-GA 1050.002
Instructor: Eliza Griswold
Syllabus: Download

Ezra Pound called literature “news that stays news.” In this course, we will learn how to turn the news into literature by exploring advanced nonfiction techniques. Each week, we will examine hybrid genres: poetry and literary reportage; music and photojournalism; journalism and memoir and try our hand at hybrids of our own. This course is ideal for graduates with a strong literary background and a keen interest in journalism. Through reading the work of Maggie Nelson, Teju Cole, James Fenton, among others, we will examine the very latest in the field of unconventional storytelling.